5 Family Bible Study Ideas

It is important for Christians to think about possible family Bible study ideas. These are ideas for how to make reading the Bible and trying to understand it a regular part of family life. After all, Christianity is founded on the teachings in the Bible. The story of the life of Jesus Christ and the crucifixion and resurrection, the key concepts of Christian religion, are all found in that book. In order to know more about how to live a good and just life and how to raise a family in a way that is right with the Lord, you need to go to the source.

Read the Bible Regularly

There's no getting around this most basic of all family Bible study ideas. In order to study the book, you need to read it. That's easier said than done though, because it's a long composition and some parts are more reader-friendly than others. You will need to go through it in small chunks on a regular basis, so that over the course of a year or more, you'll be able to finish the book. So, set a schedule which lays out on which days you will read which parts of the Bible. Then stick to it.

Reserve Time and Space

If you want your kids to treat Bible study as an important time, you need to do so too. You can't just postpone it or set it aside if it interferes with work or personal commitments. You need to treat it the same way you would treat a doctor's appointment. Make it clear to everyone that they need to free up their schedules for this important part of the day. Also, set aside a particular area of your home for Bible study. Clear the clutter and make sure there's enough seating and table space to accommodate discussion, the taking of notes and other activities related to your study.

Read More Than the Bible

One of the more interesting family Bible study ideas is to read other material in addition to the Bible. This would include other books or articles which describe how life was back in Biblical days. This will help to give your reading more context, especially since life is very different now. It will help you to better understand how people reacted to the teachings of Jesus and the apostles. It will help to shed life on the suffering of early Christians. It will also help you understand the decisions people made and the lives they chose to lead back in those days.

Foster Discussion

Don't think that the adults need to be all-knowing while discussing the Bible. If you don't know what something means, just admit it and you can then research that bit together with your kids. This way, there's less pressure on you to be able to provide all the answers. And your kids might enjoy the experience of learning alongside their parents. Also, ask your kids for their thoughts on what you just read or discussed. Let them know that their opinions are valued and that it's okay for them to ask questions or offer their own answers.

Put Yourselves in Characters' Shoes

As you read the stories in the Bible, try to get family members to empathize with the characters they read about. Don't just think of them as symbols or vehicles for a good story. Instead, look at them as real people with real lives and real struggles. Try to imagine what you would have done if you were a shepherd hearing about the birth of Christ. Imagine how hard it must have been for some of the early Disciples of Christ to give up their lives and choose to follow this preacher. Make the Bible's stories real to your kids.

Bible study shouldn't be a chore or something to dread. After all, it isn't just a time to go over the Bible. It's also time spent together as a family, learning about how to live better lives together. Keep these ideas in mind to inject a greater sense of family and learning into your study time.

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