Two Seam Fastball: an Effective Baseball Pitch

Among the many baseball pitches, one stands out. This pitch combines two others, while taking the best attributes from both. This pitch is called the two seam fastball. This pitch has the speed of a fastball with the movement of a screwball.

What is a Fastball Pitch and a Screwball Pitch?

To truly understand the two seam fastball, you must understand its parents. A fastball is the most common pitch in baseball. Typically, it is thrown at the pitcher's maximum speed; some pitchers have attained speeds up to 100 miles per hour. The screwball is also called a screwgie. This pitch breaks the opposite direction of a slider or curveball. By breaking in the opposite direction, this ball confuses the batters.

How is a Two Seam Fastball Held?

The ball must be gripped more tightly and deeply in the throwing hand, either left or right, than the four-seam fastball. The index and middle fingers must be placed directly overtop the baseball seams. The thumb must be located on the bottom of the baseball in between the seams. By positioning the ball in this way, the pitch will change direction and vary from a straight line. The firm grip causes friction which reduces the pitch's speed slightly and causes a change in direction.

How Do You Throw a Two Seam Fastball?

Once your hand is properly placed, wind up. Once you are wound up, hide how you are gripping to ball to prevent the batter from knowing which pitch is thrown. Next, extend your arm as far as it will reach and snap your wrist down. This movement will help the ball follow through and change position to confuse the hitter. If you apply pressure on your middle or index finger, the ball will curve.

How Do You Change the Direction of a Two Seam Fastball?

Even slight movements in finger placement will alter the direction of your fastball. To make the two seam fastball curve to the right, move your pointer finger to the right. To make the ball curve to the left, push your middle finger in that direction. To get the ball to drop before it reaches the plate, move your thumb closer to your index finger. These slight movements can increase the usefulness of this pitch.

What Else Affects the Movement of Your Two Seam Pitch?

Besides hand placement, arm slot, arm action, and hand size and shape can affect the movement in your pitch. Arm slot is defined as the tilt of the shoulder at the release point. The most common misconception about arm slot is that the angle is defined by the elbow. Arm action can refer to three elements: arm speed, shoulder rotation when the ball is released, and positioning. Hand size and shape can affect the ability to hold the ball correctly to pitch with necessary strength and force.

The two seam fastball is one of the hardest baseball pitches to master. However, once this pitch is mastered, it is extremely effective in deterring and confusing batters. This fastball can be modified in a variety of ways. Because of this easy modification, this pitch is versatile and efficient.

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