8 Helpful Fertility Mobile Apps

When you're on the go, tracking your fertility with a pocket journal or calendar seems like such a hassle, one that could easily be misplaced or lost. Thanks to mobile technology, you can now track your fertility wherever you are with the help of your smartphone. Here are the eight most helpful fertility apps for your iOS or Android device.

My Mobile Fertility App

Available for free on both iOS and Android, the My Mobile Fertility app is a comprehensive directory of fertility professionals and services. Using location technology from within one's smartphone, My Mobile Fertility can give you directions and distances to resource locations nearest to you. You can call a resource right from within the app as well. My Mobile Fertility includes information from clinics, patient advocacy groups, alternative/complementary therapists, mental health professionals, legal experts and more.

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Fertility Friend Mobile Fertility Tracker

This free app is available for download from the App Store. Designed to fully integrate with the fertility tracking tools at, this app features a calendar, interactive quizzes, an educational eBook and video tutorials about fertility charting. The app makers claim that Fertility Friend Mobile has helped successfully chart over 650,000 pregnancies through its comprehensive collection of data points.

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My Hopeful Journey Fertility Organizer

My Hopeful Journey is a web-based fertility organizer and features a free app for iOS and Android smartphones. This app allows you to manage and keep track of your fertility treatment cycle with a calendar to log appointments, to-do list for various tasks and journal to record your thoughts.

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Infertility Survival Kit

From the makers of My Hopeful Journey Fertility Organizer, the Infertility Survival Kit is a free app at the App Store that includes a directory of infertility business listings as well as informational and educational resources related to infertility. The Infertility Survival Kit also includes information about infertility and fertility-related events throughout the country.

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This free app for Android smartphone users provides a variety of fertility tracking features including calendars, cycle statistics, and even morning notifications to remind you to take your basal body temperature (BBT). Users can upgrade to pro features that include password protection, data backup to email or Dropbox and notifications for ovulation and menses. There's also a pregnancy mode for once you conceive as well, available to pro users.

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Glow Fertility & Ovulation Tracker

This free app is available for iOS only from the App Store and allows users to enter their fertility tracking data into a calendar to track when they're most fertile. Users can download and print their data to be able to share with their doctors and provides password protection. You can even have your partner download the app to have your menstrual data sync to their app, providing you both with reminders about upcoming ovulation. Users of Glow also have the unique opportunity to join Glow First, the first fertility funding community. For $50 a month for ten months, you help fund a pool of community funding for those dealing with infertility; if in the ten months you get pregnant, your contributions will stop. If you don't get pregnant in ten months, you'll receive a grant that can be used for an infertility screening.

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Kindara Fertility Tracker

This free app is available for download from the Apple Store for iOS devices only. This lush, gorgeously designed app was crafted by women for women with women in mind and allows you to enter your BBT, cervical fluid, timed intercourse and other custom data. For a one-time $4.99 Kindara Membership fee, you can use the app across multiple devices while a $59.99 KindaraCara 30-Day Membership allows you to connect directly with medical and fertility professionals with your questions related to your cycle.

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This premium app is available for iOS only from the App Store for $9.99. iVitro was designed by a couple who has gone through IVF and is tailored specifically for couples looking to organize and keep track of their IVF cycle, including scheduling key cycle dates such as diagnostics, retrievals and transfers, entering your medication protocol including dosage and timing as well as the ability to email your reports and data to your doctor.

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No matter where you are on your infertility journey, you shouldn't be limited by where you are physically to keep track of your journey. Using smartphone fertility apps to keep track of your cycle and connected with fertility resources will only make you a more empowered and savvier infertility patient.

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