The Greatest Films Never Made


Back in 1974, movie director Alejandro Jodorowsky tried to make a film adaptation of Frank Herbert's beloved sci-fi novel known as "Dune," but the project ended up being dropped after two years. David Lynch ended up making his own film based on the book, but a recently released documentary about Jodorowsky's project shows that his rendition of Dune would have been much, much more awe-inspiring and epic.


Stanley Kubrick wanted to make a film about the great Napoleon after he finished working on "2001: A Space Odyssey," and though shooting for the film began in 1969, MGM cancelled it due to the massive amount of money it would cost, the poor reception of the Soviet version, and the fact that historical epics were out of style. Forutnately, Steven Spielberg is working on a TV miniseries based on Kubrick's original screenplay, so at least Kubrick fans have that to feast on.

"Blood Meridian"

An ultra-violent novel set in the 1800s west about a murderous adventure of an Apache slayer referred to as "the Kid" who shows no remorse for his amassed killings as he is payed to collect scalps. Ridley Scott was heavily involved in developing a film adaptation before he dropped the project soon after, but it looks like James Franco is attempting to pick up said project, for he released a 32-minute test reel to receive rights to the project.

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A film about a utopian New York City which never finished because of timing. The casting and test shots were already under way when the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, happened. The director, Francis Ford Coppola, felt the film could not continue because of the correlation of the tragedy and the plot of the movie.

"Night Skies"

Night Skies was supposed to be the sequel to "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," but never made it to filming. The ideas from "Night Skies" were later used to inspire several movies including "E.T.," "Gremlins," "Signs," "War or the Worlds," "The Brother from Another Planet," and "Poltergeist."

"Gladiator 2"

A second "Gladiator" film was first announced to be a prequel, then a sequel, and finally as a non-existant project. Later on in 2009, Nick Cave's, a screenwriter that Scott and Crowe asked to write on the film, script was revealed that revealed a truly questionable story in which Maximus would be reincarnated by the gods, protect the Christians in Rome, and then be transported to other periods in time like WWII, the Vietnam War, and as a general at the modern-day Pentagon.

"Heart of Darkness"

"Heart of Darkness" was projected to be Orson Welle's first film in 1940, but was abandoned because it ran over budget. "Heart of Darkness" was about a man who sees his own reflection in the window while sailing his boat down the river. The movie was replaced by "Citizen Kane," so Orson Welles and audiences still won in the end.

"Superman Lives"

"Superman Lives" was supposed to be based on the comic storyline of the death of Superman. Scheduled for production in the 1990s, the main villain was an alien supercomputer who kills Superman. Later in the movie, Superman is resurrected by the Eradicator. Nicholas Cage was suppose to star as Superman. Imagine that.

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