9 Ways to Start Off the Day Happy

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    Well Balanced Breakfast Let's face it; no one is happy when they are hungry. The first step to starting the day off happy is to eat a well balanced breakfast. Thinking about sneaking out of the house with nothing more than a slice of toast? Think again. Have a nice balance of protein, fiber and healthy carbohydrates to keep your energy high and your mood bright.
  • Coffee or Tea in Cute Mug Whether you prefer coffee or tea, it is important to take the time to enjoy your favorite morning beverage in a cute mug. Maybe you like the shape or the color. Maybe it is a souvenir mug that reminds you of an amazing vacation. Pick a mug that makes you happy.
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    Workout Get those endorphins pumping. Nothing wakes up the mind and body like a morning workout. When the blood circulates it adds some nice color to the face, and gives the appearance of being alive. Knock out that morning grog and feel better about yourself, your body and your health.
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    Hot Shower After a great workout, take an invigorating shower. Wash off the funk and start the day feeling squeaky clean. Be sure to exfoliate. Give yourself a nice healthy glow while making your skin as smooth as a baby's bottom.
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    Kiss a Baby There is nothing like a chunky baby to brighten up your day. When a baby isn't having a meltdown, they are pretty darn cute. Start your day off happy by absorbing some of their happy innocence. Before you leave your house give a baby a kiss on their chubby cheek.
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    Talk to Yourself Talking to yourself does not mean you are crazy. Who better to work out your problems, then yourself? Role-play or go over your busy schedule. Talking to yourself in the morning allows you to shed frustrations before you walk out the door. It feels good to just vent.
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    Dress for Success When you look good, you feel good. Dressing well, makes the statement that you are ready to take on the day. Putting an effort into how you look is like investing in a positive disposition.
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    Straighten Up the House Making the bed or straightening the kitchen first thing in the morning is an instant stress-reliever. When you know you are coming home to a clean home, you are more likely to feel happy about your day.
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    Focus on the Positive Don't dwell on the aspects of your day that bum you out. If you are dreading work, don't focus on work. Instead, have something to look forward to and focus on the happy part of your day. Think about a fun dinner with friends or coming home to your clean house.
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