Presidential Pics of Barack Obama

President Barack Obama is one of the most public figures on the globe today. His historic presidency has been captured on multiple forms of media, including pics, from presidential campaigns to military campaigns. You can definitely find online pics of Barack Obama in large quantities if you follow the right websites.

The White House

Make the official website to the presidency of the United States your first stop in obtaining pics of Barack Obama. This section of the website has a variety of images from official meetings to candid photos of President Obama in slideshow format. The slideshows are categorized by significant events and Presidential 'photo of the day.'

See: The White House


Biography.com has a collection of pics of Barack Obama from his childhood to his presidency. These images include scenes with his family, prior work before becoming the president of the United States and his time within the Oval Office. Each photo contains an excerpt which gives a description of the photo along with further information regarding his life.

See: Biography


This site is the official candidacy website of Barack Obama, which has images of him and Vice President Joe Biden during the course of their presidential campaigns in 2008 and 2012. The photos are categorized by campaign stops as the images show President Obama with the constituency and election staff.

See: BarackObama.com

Time Magazine

Time Magazine has pics of Barack Obama in a photo essay format, which is rather informative. Many of the images are of significant events, such as his visit to Germany, or were taken along the campaign trail for both presidential elections. Each image has been taken by photographer Callie Shell and also has captions associated with each image.

See: Time Magazine

ABC News

ABC News has listed its collection of images for President Obama in chronological order from the most recent and back. This collection of pics is quite large and comprehensive as it contains images from weekly and daily events surrounding the president. This collection includes video content of the president, including speeches and interviews.

See: ABC News

Thanks to the Internet, you can find daily and weekly images of President Barack Obama online at your leisure for your own collection or for work/educational purpose. Use these official sources as they are reliable and highly regarded worldwide.

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