Cheap Cell Phone Plans

Have you always wanted to have a smart phone but are scared of the high monthly costs? Fortunately you can have a smart phone while keeping your monthly cell phone fees low when you choose cheap cellular plans without a contract. According to a study by Nielsen, more than 50 percent of Americans are now using smart phones. Now you can join that group without signing up for a pricey two-year contract.

Straight Talk

If you are looking to get into a smart phone without committing to an expensive two-year contract, Straight Talk is a great option. This month-to-month cell phone plan is available through Walmart and allows you to benefit from the data features of a smart phone without making a huge financial commitment. The first step in getting a Straight Talk plan is either purchasing a smart phone or using one that you already own that works with the plan. Because this is a month-to-month plan, you do not get a discount on the phone itself. The main benefit of this plan is that it costs about half the price of contract smart phone plans, and it allows you to stop paying at any time if you want to discontinue service.

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Beyond Talk

Virgin Mobile can get a smart phone in your hands without the stress of a two-year contract when you choose one of its Beyond Talk plans. There are three different Beyond Talk plans available. The cheapest provides you with 300 anytime minutes, unlimited messaging, and unlimited data. The middle plan upgrades you to 1,200 anytime minutes and also provides the unlimited messaging and data. The third and most expensive option provides unlimited minutes, messaging, and data. One of the greatest benefits of the month-to-month plan through Virgin is that you can turn your phone into a hotspot for a small additional monthly fee.

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Cricket is yet another provider that allows you to use a smart phone for a low monthly fee. Unfortunately, the main drawback of this provider is that the smart phones you can use are extremely limited. The main benefit of Cricket is its Muve Music options. Muve Music allows you to download songs from the Muve database directly to your cell phone. This music program was named as one of the "Best Mobile Music" options by Mobile Excellence Awards in 2012. Cricket

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Go Phone

Go Phone is AT&T's answer to the pay-as-you-go smart phone plan. This is one of the most versatile options that truly allows you to customize your plan to meet your needs. Once you select the phone you want to use, you have five different plan options. These five plans allow you to choose a monthly fee, daily fee, or per-minute fee. Unless you are meticulous with tracking your minutes and use your phone very infrequently, you probably want to go with one of the monthly options. The per-minute plan can add up really quickly.

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Boost Mobile

If you are an Android or BlackBerry user, Boost Mobile offers many affordable cell phone plans. It features five monthly plans, three daily plans, and one pay-as-you-go plan, allowing you to customize your costs to meet your cell phone needs. If you are a committed iPhone user, these plans will not work for you because they do not support Apple products. Boost Mobile even offers a shrinking payment option that actually reduces the amount you owe monthly if you pay on time month after month.

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Cheap cellular plans are a great option for kids who are getting a smart phone for the first time or anyone who has trouble passing the credit check that major cell phone providers conduct. With these great month-to-month plans, you get all the benefits of a smart phone without the hefty prices. You may purchase the cell phones outright, but once you do they are yours to keep and your recurring payments are nice and manageable. Which of these cell phone plans is the best fit for you?

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