16 Funny Tweets Any Movie Buff Will Appreciate

From Disney classics to The Fast and the Furious, these film-related tweets cover it all. If you love movies, you'll love these sixteen hilarious tweets.

...Yeah, fair enough.

Anyone who has seen The Incredibles understands.

A coming-of-age tale.

Forthcoming Dirty Dancing sequel.

Play to your strengths, Captain America.

This could be accurate--actors are, after all, dramatic.

Maybe they're big Adam Sandler fans?

What a formula.

They DO do that.

Everyone was definitely thinking this when the movie got announced.

Not too many categories.

A great example of the #3 boyfriend movie.

A glimpse inside the meeting room at Disney.

Well, it's definitely between the two.

Wow...and now we will too.

Yep. You got 'em.

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