How To Save Money With Coupons

In recent years, North America has been hit by a significantly difficult economy. Families that once considered themselves financially comfortable are now being forced to seek ways in which they can save or cut back on expenses. Using coupons while shopping is an easy way to help save on monthly bills. Moreover, the money saved can then be used for other immediate necessities or added to a savings account for future use. Over the past decade, Americans have been saving billions of dollars simply by using coupons.

Although coupons have been used for over a century now, their use became widespread by the mid-1990s. Manufacturers typically release coupons in newspapers, grocery flyers, email lists, websites, coupon websites, direct mailings, and even cell phone text coupons. When customers collect and use these coupons at the checkout counter, the store is reimbursed by the manufacturer to make up the price difference. While the majority of coupons offer a monetary or percentage discount for a product, others also offer free shipping or free products with the purchase of another one.

When combined, coupons can save a significant percentage of an overall shopping bill for the customer. It enables them to purchase more of a product, or products that they may not normally buy, for a more affordable price. While everyone can benefit from this, it is especially helpful for larger families who have substantial recurring domestic expenses. Although it may seem that the manufacturer is losing money through this practice, in fact it does benefit them in several ways too. One advantage is that by offering coupons to different demographics, the manufacturer can measure price sensitivity and response among their customer base. It is also a way of raising awareness of their product and enticing people to buy it. For example, if two similar products are offered at the same price, customers are generally more likely to buy one over the other if they have a coupon that can offer a discount off the retail price.

Although “extreme couponing” is viewed negatively by many, there are ways to use coupons in a realistic manner. A good way to increase the savings on a purchase is by combining products that are already on sale with a coupon. Some stores or manufacturers also allow multiple coupons to be used, or use of a store’s coupon coupled with the manufacturer’s coupon. It also helps to stay organized in terms of storing coupons, planning a grocery trip, and keeping track of product prices. Remember to only purchase what you actually need and use, instead of buying items simply because they are on sale!

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