Ant Invasion? Instructions For Making Homemade Ant Bait

Inspecting the yard, you notice ants on your beloved roses. You take a closer look, and they are crawling all over shrubberies and in the garden. Ants can be more than a nuisance. They can be dangerous to outdoor plants. Ants can tunnel around plant roots, causing them to dry out, wilt, and die. Fire ants eat both the tender plants and the fruit. Ants may swarm as you try to hoe weeds or break up the soil. Follow these instructions to control vexing ant populations.Instead of using a chemical on and around your plants, try making homemade ant bait. Here are some easy ideas to rid your plants of ants.



Gather ingredients

Borax is an essential ingredient that you should use as the base of your mixture, and you can can buy it at most stores. Look for sugar, peanut butter, honey, jam or any other sweet substance, as well as some water. Finally, you will want to make sure you have small plastic lids.


Prepare the bait

Mix a teaspoon of borax with a cup of sugar. You can add a spoonful of peanut butter to the mix. Add a small amount of water to make a paste. Larger brews can be made as needed. You can make this recipe into a spray by adding more water.


Place around plants

Using the paste, put spoonfuls of bait on the plastic lids. Place the lids around your garden and next to plants. Although a little messier, you can drop spoonfuls directly on the ground around your plants. Ants will carry this sweet treat back to the nest. The queen and worker ants will eat the bait and die.


Spray the solution

A spray or mister bottle can be used to spray directly on the plants. Spray both the upper and underside of the leaves, stem, and the ground next to the plant. Be sure to wash any vegetables before you eat them. Repeated spraying is needed every few days and after rain or heavy dew.


Locate the colony

Look around your yard for the colony. The ground will be mounded and made up of soft dirt. The ants will swarm out of the nest if disturbed. Use a hoe or shovel to expose the colony. Pour boiling water directly into the center of the hole. You may need to repeat this several times.


Discourage returning ants

Once you have destroyed the colony, there will still be some ants milling about. Another way to discourage ants is by soaking cotton balls in essential oils, such as eucalyptus, mint, camphor or cloves. Ants do not like the smell, so you can also place these at the base of your plants to keep ants at bay.


Repeat the process

Diligence is the key to getting rid of ants. After a rain or heavy dew, you will need to replace the ant bait. The ants will eat the sweet bait and carry it off to the colony. Keep repeating the process until you no longer see ants.

Using homemade ant bait around your plants is simple and easy to do. You just need a few household items you probably already have in your kitchen and laundry room. The ants will be gone without the need for harsh chemicals or expensive terminator fees.

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