Easy Guide to Treating a Yard for Mosquitos

Tiny but dangerous, the mosquito has a sting and a drone powerful enough to drive even the strongest indoors. Fight back with a strategic mosquito treatment for your yard. By following the steps below, you can eliminate the annoyance of mosquitoes from your environment.



Clear your yard of standing water

To mosquitoes, standing water looks like a welcome mat. Dump out all containers that fill with water after a rain. Overturn or cover containers when possible. Change the water in bird baths or decorative pools weekly.


Allow water to drain

If trash cans and recycling bins must remain outdoors, pierce holes in their bottoms to prevent water accumulation. Keep gutters free of leaves to prevent water accumulation.


Remove debris

Mosquitoes don't need much; even the tiny puddles that occur in discarded aluminum cans or soft drink cups provide enough room for them to breed. Do not allow litter to give them with the chance.


Mow the lawn

Keeping grass short gives mosquitoes nowhere to hide during the day. Pull weeds wherever you find them in the yard to further reduce mosquito harbors.



If mosquitoes do not make themselves scarce after this maintenance, treat your yard with a solution designed to control them. Purchase a spray, or look into effective home brews. Some sprays kill the bugs while others simply discourage their presence.


Use mechanical means

Even after culling the bulk of the population, some mosquitoes may persist. Machines that attract and kill them can handle these stragglers. Some machines zap the pests, while others destroy them with chemicals.


Use a larvicide

Once the adult mosquito population is well under control, add chemicals that inhibit larval growth to water features you wish to maintain. These arrest the development of mosquitoes, rendering them harmless.


Add mosquito-repelling plants

For particular trouble spots, landscaping with certain plants drives mosquitoes away. Rosemary, catnip and marigolds are all easy to grow and prevent mosquitoes from buzzing around in their vicinity.

Thinking of the mosquito treatment for your yard as a seasonal process will help keep you on top of things. Mosquitoes take any opportunity to re-establish themselves. Be vigilant after rain falls, and maintain an orderly yard to discourage these irritating pests from returning.

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