Verizon INpulse: Take Control of Your Cell Phone Plan

When cell phone bills come in the mail, many cell phone owners cringe with dread. The cost of having a contract with a top service provider has continued to increase as the features on cell phones increase in sophistication and capability. For those hoping to get a handle on their cell phone bill, the number of consumers turning to prepaid cell phone plans continues to rise. Verizon offers a plan called INpulse that provides a way for cell phone use on a budget that doesn't dent your wallet. This plan lays out the cost and usage amounts clearly, with the option to increase the usage level if necessary.


The Verizon INpulse plan offers unlimited IN calling to any other Verizon Wireless customer, contract or prepaid. The plan also offers unlimited nighttime calling, a feature that is familiar to longtime Verizon customers. That feature was previously available on contract plans, until those plans changed to better address data usage and became unlimited talk and text anytime. As of this writing, there is a 99-cent charge per day on phones using the INpulse plan. Text messages can be sent to other cell phones as well. However, this incurs a fee with every address or number a message is sent to, and there is a per-message fee. Phones on the INpulse plan offer many of the features of the Verizon Wireless contract phones. Get It Now is available to add ringtones, ringback tones, and even games to a prepaid phone. Voicemail features, three-way calling, caller ID, and 411 Connect are all available on the prepaid plan as they are on the contract plans for any cell phone. It is also possible to use these phones for international calls, although in this case it is prudent to look at the cost before calling someone in another country. If you haven't run out of minutes yet, you may opt to replenish before the minutes expire; those minutes roll over to the next period of usability. Also, replenishing minutes is easy with the use of the Internet. Verizon refill cards can also be purchased at Verizon-approved locations. The obvious downside is the expiration date on minutes for your phone. However, if that occurs, the consumer can opt to simply wait and not use the cell phone until his or her finances allow refilling the minutes. With a contract phone, the phone works, but the bill comes every month whether the money is available for that payment or not. Having a phone with the Verizon INpulse means dependable access using the Verizon network while maintaining a set budget for cell phone use. This is a practical and budget-friendly way to introduce children or teenagers to responsibility while keeping set boundaries. Being able to control the usage and spending for a cell phone eliminates the shock of receiving a cell phone bill with out-of-control voice or data usage and the associated unexpected costs.

The Verizon INpulse plan is a smart move in today's increasingly costly times to keep the cell phone bill at a reasonable rate. It provides all the necessities when it comes to features and options, and it offers the ability to add further capabilities as finances or increased levels of responsibility allow. With the Verizon INpulse plan, a smart consumer can have access to the freedom a cell phone allows without being tethered to a constantly fluctuating monthly bill. Despite a daily usage charge, which may turn off some potential customers, the pricing and features offered through a Verizon INpulse plan provide incentives to take control of your cell phone bill. Prepaid phones are a great option for a tight budget, compared to a contract phone and a monthly bill.

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