The Best Humor Websites With Funny Obama Jokes

Without satire and humor, it becomes difficult to show the shortcomings of any politician. When George Bush was president, the liberal community didn't hold back; now it is President Obama's turn to take a few hits.


Jokes4Us is a website which focuses on one-liners of all sorts, without any political affiliation. Due to this, the jokes it hosts regarding President Obama focus more on pure humor than on satire. Some of the jokes even portray the president in a positive light.

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My Freedom Post

My Freedom Post is a website with a Libertarian slant; it holds the stance that the federal government has entirely too much power. It hosts a series of President Obama jokes. Many of the jokes are more vitriolic than other websites.

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Zazzle is not a joke website, but rather a website which sells humorous bumper stickers about a variety of topics, including political issues. It has bumper stickers both supporting and attacking the president.

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Funny and Jokes

Funny and Jokes focuses on longer jokes instead of simple one-liners. Additionally, some of the jokes regarding Obama are those he has told about himself. This site updates its section on Obama fairly regularly; however, it doesn't have quite as many jokes as the other options.

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Obama Cartoon

Obama Cartoon is a Blogger-based blog which hosts a series of political cartoons focusing on President Obama. It does not have any one-liners or jokes, but it has hundreds of satirical cartoons attacking the president, his policies and Democrats in general.

See: Obama Cartoon

Political humor can be a great tool of social change, or it can just be a way to have a few laughs. No matter why you are interested in jokes about the current president, there are many options to find laughs at his expense.

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Humor is something that amuses you and you get to laugh because of  it. But there is also good and bad humor both. AND makes you laugh  real hard.
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