Online Image Libraries with Pictures of President Obama

President Barack Obama has a high level of approval compared to previous United States Presidents; however, there are still many people who don't support his policies or Presidency. Regardless of your personal political feelings, photography is a great way to capture and critique the political world. If you are looking for pictures of Obama, supportive or otherwise, there are several great online collections.

Star Pulse

Star Pulse is a website which focuses on capturing images of celebrities, and nowadays the President is a celebrity of sorts. If you are looking for an unbiased catalog filled with Presidential images, Star Pulse has thousands of relevant images. This site even offers biographical information regarding its subjects.

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White House

If you are searching for government-sponsored pictures of the President and his family, the official White House website has hundred of albums. These albums range from family outings to campaign tours and even international trips. All of the pictures paint the first family in a favorable light, so it isn't the best source for unbiased research.

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Obama Cartoons

Obama Cartoons is a weblog focusing on satirical comics and screen-caps related to President Obama and his political policies. This website is strongly anti-Obama, and you may find some of the images offensive. If you are looking for right-leaning images of Barack Obama, this site hosts hundreds of pictures.

See: Obama Cartoons

Time's Obama: The College Years

Most sites focus on collecting modern photographs of the President; Time`s Obama: The College Years takes a different approach. This album demonstrates a dozen photographs showing the President during his lackadaisical college years. Each photo features a small biographical phrase about the collegiate-aged politician.

See: Time's Obama: The College Years

BBC's Presidential Comparison

An outsider's perspective is always a welcome way to view something familiar in a new light. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) presents an album of photographs comparing various life stages of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. These include pictures of the two candidates as babies, children, young adults and even parents. If you are looking for photos to humanize Barack Obama, this collection does a great job.

See: BBC's Presidential Comparison

Photographs give a glimpse into the personal life of the President and those who surround him. Whether you are looking for positive, negative or neutral photographs of Obama, these sites help give a well-rounded look at the path he has taken.

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