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In many ways, art is like being able to speak a new language. In fact, it is a way for us to communicate with other people regardless of our culture, age, or native languages. Imagine going to another country where you do not speak the local language. How might you express yourself to somebody who lives there? We might use sign language, but we could also quickly sketch or draw out what we want to say to them. For many people, it can be difficult to express the things they think or the feelings that they have. Art is a way for them to communicate this with others, without needing to say it out loud. The wonderful part is that anyone can do art. You do not necessarily need a degree or have to be an expert. There are many different styles and forms of art too. For example, someone who does not want to draw or paint might instead try to sculpt or create crafts with different materials. Have a look through the collection of art resources here to get started. Crafts ~Handy Crafts Use these tutorials to make useful and decorative crafts, such as a mask and bookmark. ~Greeting Cards You don't have to be a great artist to make these simple thumbprint greeting cards! ~Russian Dolls Print the free templates and decorate them to create traditional Russian dolls. ~Quilting Read an introduction about quilting and then find out how to do it yourself. ~Themed Crafts This large list of resources includes crafts for almost any theme that you can think of! Drawing ~Sketching and Shading Review some simple techniques to create pencil sketches with realistic shading. ~Color Pencil Drawings View a step-by-step demonstration on how to create beautiful drawings with colored pencils. ~Drawing with Artbot The Art Robot teaches kids how to draw pictures and examine art. ~Digital Drawing Watch a tutorial on how to draw with your computer. ~Drawing Lines All drawings start with many different types of lines. This guide explains how to use lines to express various moods and emotions. Coloring ~Color Online Color in your favorite Sesame Street characters with a digital brush and paints. ~Famous Colors Can you re-color some paintings and drawings by famous artists? ~Coloring Birds Learn about different birds with these informative coloring pages. ~Busy Bees Color these pages that teach kids about honey and how it is made. ~Horse Coloring Pages Download a free printable book full of wonderful horse illustrations to color in. Paper Folding ~Fortune Teller Follow these instructions to make a classic origami fortune teller. ~Origami for Beginners Get started with the basics in this simple origami guide created just for beginners. ~Popular Origami Learn to make some of the easiest, most popular origami models. ~Origami Hearts Fold a heart from colorful paper to make a personalized Valentine's gift. ~Origami for Kids Create some fun toys and animals out of a sheet of paper. Recycled Crafts ~DIY Paper Turn old newspaper into a recycled mush and then transform it into beautiful handmade paper. ~Pinatas Did you know that recycled paper can be used to create fun Mexican piatas that can hold candy inside? ~Recycled Crafts Find a craft for just about any sort of recycled materials that you have lying around at home. ~Recycled Stationery Use recycled materials to make your own set of personalized stationery. ~Recycled Crayons Ask an adult to lend a helping hand when you recycle pieces of old crayons into brand new ones. Painting ~Still Life Paintings Learn about the different components that make up a good still life painting. ~Painting Principles Explore the main principles of painting and art, including color, space, shape, and balance. ~Bubble Painting Try a unique type of abstract art by blowing colored paint bubbles onto a canvas. ~Painting for Beginners This guide covers the basics of painting with some helpful clean-up tips too. ~Watercolor Glossary When learning about painting with watercolors, use this glossary to look up difficult words. Sculpting ~DIY Dough Pick from these simple recipes to make your very own modeling clays or dough. ~Sculpt Charades In this zany art game, team members have to sculpt something for their teammates to guess correctly. ~Plaster Sculptures Get an adult to help with this fun activity on subtractive sculpture. ~Salt Sculptures Find out how to create impressive salt crystal sculptures with salty water and food color. ~Sand Sculpting Use these tips to start creating your own sand sculptures.

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