Magic Tricks and Games for Kids!

Magic has astounded mankind for centuries and people still love to see it today. It is a performing art that remains timeless. Magicians performed in the court of the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt, and on the streets of the Greek and Roman markets. During the Middle Ages, people treated it with suspicion. The practice of innocent street magic could even lead to accusations of practicing witchcraft! While people no longer perform in royal courts, markets, and fairs, magic is alive and well in modern times. From Harry Houdini's amazing escapes to modern illusionist Criss Angel, magic continues to excite our curiosity. There are many tricks the young magician can perform to amaze their friends and family. Some of the simplest ones to try include card tricks, optical illusions, levitation, and coin magic.Card tricks are quite easy for the beginning magician to learn. Magic with cards has been around as long as cards have existed. Nowadays, almost every household has a deck of cards, which makes this type of magic very accessible. Most card tricks simply require the ability to count and keep track of the cards. Some of these tricks also require misdirection, which means distracting your audience from what you are really doing. It is a good idea to practice your tricks ahead of time, so you can perform them without a hitch.Another fun type of magic to try are optical illusions. These are very simple ways to deceive the mind and fool the senses. Whether magicians performed the classic trick of sawing a woman in half, or making a pencil appear to be made of rubber, audiences were fooled by what they thought they saw. Some of the most popular visual or optical illusions are those in which an object appears to pass through something solid, or something seems to disappear. Performing these tricks is surprisingly simple, once you learn how to do them.If you are interested in a challenge, you might want to try levitating objects. Over hundreds of years, people have taught the art of levitation as part of spiritual practices. They teach that levitation occurs with mastery of the life force and energy, however levitation has less religious associations today. It is mostly known as entertaining, crowd-pleasing street magic. Levitation might appear difficult, but it is easier to master the techniques than you might think. Levitation tricks take practice to ensure that they are performed smoothly and subtlety.Coin tricks, like card tricks, involve a fair amount of misdirection, and sometimes gimmicks, such as pre-cut coins. In the 1800's, there are references to magicians using folding coins for tricks like placing a coin in a narrow-necked bottle. The first documented coin conjuring is found in Reginald Scot's Discoverie of Witchcraft. Because of their size and become most people carry coins on them at all times, they make an excellent prop for magic tricks. These sleight-of-hands tricks are also very easy to learn.If you would like to perform magic tricks to entertain family or friends, remember to practice before trying a trick. With repeated practice, your technique will improve, and tricks will look more believable. Showmanship will help with misdirection. Keeping your audience entertained by your act - not just the magic tricks - will keep them from wondering how you perform the tricks. It is important to keep talking to distract the audience. Things will not always go perfectly, though, so it is also important to prepare some humorous responses to mistakes. Learning magic tricks is fun and worthwhile if you enjoy entertaining people. There are many videos on the Internet, as well as websites dedicated to magic, which can help you learn tricks. Also, try your school or local public library for books on the subject. Here are some sites where you can find tricks to try, as well as tips to perfect your magic: CARD TRICKS ~10 Easy Card Tricks for Beginners ~Easy Card Trick ~Card Trick ~Foolproof Card Trick Your Kids Will Love OPTICAL ILLUSIONS ~How to Cut a Paper Woman in Half ~Walk Through Paper Trick ~Torn and Restored Paper Trick ~The Incredible Jumping Rubber Bands LEVITATING OBJECTS ~Cup Levitation Trick ~How to Make a Card Levitate ~How to Levitate a Ring on a Rubber Band ~How to Do Levitating Spoon Dinner Table Magic Trick COIN TRICKS ~How to Perform a Disappearing Coin Magic Trick ~Coin Tricks for Beginners ~Magic Coin Trick: Penetrating Coin through Hand TRICK TIPS ~Top 3 Magic Trick Tips ~Tips, Tricks & Hints for a Successful Magic Performance ~Magic Tricks & Tips

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