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Getting Started With Model Cars Building model cars is an exciting hobby for anyone with an interest in cars or building scale models. For the new model car builder, the first step is deciding what sort of model car to build. Kits are available for every skill level-whether you're looking for a child's first easy-to-assemble, snap together kit, intricate and functional models, or even components to create your own new designs. Model car kits are usually composed of plastic or metal pieces of varying intricacy and accuracy. While model cars were traditionally non-moving display items, powered model cars are a small but popular niche within the model car category. Also, advanced builders often enjoy building models that replicate internal car elements rather than just the outer shell. Many model cars now have a vast array of realistic parts, even intricate pieces like accelerators and detailed transmissions. There are many useful resources for model car enthusiasts. There are many niche publications as well as online resources like websites and video tutorials than can provide advice on any tricky issues you may face while building. The rise of the Internet has been a huge force in the popular revival of model car building. It allows enthusiasts to find models Overview of Model Car Building International Plastic Modelers' Society Official Hobby Shop List Examples of Model Cars Model Car Building Contests for Kids Tips & Techniques for Building Model car building is generally a low-hazard activity, but you will likely be working with precision tools and chemical-based glues and paints. It is important that you maintain a proper work area and observe safety steps such as working in a well-ventilated space and learning proper tool techniques. Always remember to use point blades away from yourself and use protective gear when handling blades. Ensuring that your blades are sharp helps you regulate the amount of pressure used. A few easy techniques will add polish to your model car's final appearance. Always be sure to properly prep the parts before your begin. First, rinse, dry and wipe down the parts. Next, carefully cut and sand the pieces as directed. Precision cutting and smoothing is vital for a tight, streamlined final product. Finally, when assembling and painting, use tools that give you the greatest precision possible. Usually, toothpicks or small paintbrushes are very useful for delicate work. Advanced techniques for building usually involve customization and careful detailing. Using extra products to like resin and using real automotive paint to add authenticity to your models. Other advanced customization techniques include airbrushed paint jobs, computer-generated custom decals, and additional trim details. Also, just like real cars, model cars can be customized with aftermarket parts like grills, rims, and new lights. An advanced builder can customize cars to replicate anything from monster trucks to souped-up race cars. Model Building Tips for Kids Modeling Tips from the Central PA Model Car Club Construction Considerations for Building Championship-Caliber Models Airbrushing Basics Basic Tips for Building A Model Car Model Car Organizations While building models on your own is fun, getting involved with other enthusiasts helps take your hobby to the next level. You can share knowledge about new techniques and products, showcase your models, and even compete with others builders. One way to get involved with the model building community is by joining a local or regional club. These groups help connect you with other model car builders in your community. No matter where you live, there is a likely a like-minded group of hobbyists. If you can't find a group in your area, or you're looking for a larger network, there are also several national groups that you can join. These groups can keep you up to date on conventions, contests, exhibitions, and national level developments in model car building. There are large industry-wide groups and events, as well as events focusing on certain regions or model types. Attending model car conventions and exhibitions allows you to see what new kits and tools are on the market, as well as what other builders are working on. Like all popular hobbies, there are trends in model car building. Whether it's a new style of paintwork, or a new type of model kit shipped in from abroad, attending large scale events lets you see the newest developments in person. Another way to get involved with the model car community is taking a local workshop or class. These classes usually focus on a specific element of model building ranging for the basics of scale model building to detailed paint lessons for competitive level model building. These courses are often offered by your local community college, recreation center or hobby store. Taking a model building class will help you improve your building skills while meeting other model car enthusiasts. GSL Scale Vehicle Competition and Convention NNL West NNL East Classic Plastic Model Club

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