Games for Studying Geography!

Games for Studying Geography!

Come on in and enjoy learning about the amazing world around you. The world is huge! There are so many different places to see and learn about that it might feel a little overwhelming. Cities, volcanoes, mountains, oceans, rivers, jungles, and deserts are all over the world and are waiting for you to discover them. Games are a great way to learn, memorize and study places all while having fun. Here is a fun list of games and activities that you can play right on your computer, but be careful you might not want to stop learning. US States ~Place the State - Pick any state you want, maybe your very favorite one, and place it on the map. Continue doing this until you have every state in place. ~U.S.A State Quiz - If I asked you where Connecticut was, could you find it on a map? How about Idaho? Click on the correct state and you earn points at the end. See how many points you get and try to beat your score the next round. ~Learning the Fifty States - Learning the states can be hard but a fun challenge. With these fun activities and games you can learn them while having fun. ~The 50 United States of America - Here is a fun list with lots of different ways to learn about the 50 states and help memorize them. Read stories about America's states, sing songs and link to online games. ~Learn About Your State - Do you know who the governor of your state? How about the state bird? Click on the states to learn more. ~Explore the States - Texas means 'friends' and was the 28th state to become a part of the union. Easily click on the states you want to learn more about on this fun webpage. ~Blank U.S.A Map - After practicing online, print out this blank picture of the United States. Color and write in the names of every state and see if you can do it without looking. Capitals ~The States and Capitals Game - This is a game that helps test how well you know your states. Play it fast, slow or whatever speed you want. ~U.S State Capital Hangman - Be careful! Make sure you pick the right letters to name the capital of the state before your guy gets hung. ~The State Capitals Game - Challenge yourself with this multiple choice game. With three choices for every state it is a great game for learning the capitals. ~State Capital Matching - This simple matching game is easy and will help you memorize the capitals of every state. ~Penguin Hop - This game is fun and addicting! Hop along with the penguins and learn the capitals and the states. ~Select the Capital - This multiple choice game helps you learn the capitals and become familiar with their names. Play several times and see how well your score improves. ~North American Cities - This is fun timed game that lets you explore a new city and then you guess which city it is from a real picture. Countries ~World Map Match Game - Each round of a game you are given 21 random countries and you have to place the country in the correct location on the map. Good luck, this is a fun one! ~Map Games - National Geographic has a whole pile of games for learning about continents, countries and the world. This game times you to see how fast you can place the continents on a blue-ocean world. ~Online Educational Geography Games - Finding good games can be hard, and this page has a list of some fun ones that will help you learn too. ~Peace Corps Challenge - Imagine you have joined the Peace Corps and just sent to a tiny town called Wanzuzu. Learn about different cultures and the challenges people face daily. ~All About Geography - This place has it all, from maps, videos, games, puzzles, pictures, and quizzes you can learn all about countries, mountains, oceans, and even volcanoes. ~Find the Country - This is a timed game and it is hard, but with a little practice you can improve and see how well you can name world countries with only 300 seconds. ~Country Names - Drag the country name to the correct place on the map. See how well you do and continue playing until you get them correct without help. ~Far Away Places at Your Fingertips Information from Time Kids about different countries around the world. ~Countries Fun Facts Some interesting fun facts for kids about different countries around the world. ~European Country Shape Quiz A quiz for kids where different countries are identified by shape. Continents ~Pangea Jigsaw Puzzle - Get your hands dirty with this hands-on game. Pangea was one big continent many, many years ago before it split into seven different ones. Build your own Pangea to learn more about the geography of the different continents. ~The Official U.S Time - The world is huge and that means the sun is always shining somewhere. This map helps you identify and learn more about the time zones around the world. ~Explore the World - Come on in and explore the world through the CIA website! After selecting what grade you are in, the fun begins. ~Africa Jigsaw Puzzle - Many people think that Africa is a country but it an entire continent! Build this jigsaw puzzle to learn all the different countries that make up Africa ~Australia - Games, picture books, cyber hunt, maps, and a quiz all ready for you to learn more about the Australia continent. ~Map Games for Kids - Play games to learn about Canada, Australia, Asia, Europe, and Africa. Physical Features ~Ocean and Continents Game - Start out as a beginner and each level gets a little harder until you become an expert at knowing the ocean and continent names. ~Geography Quiz: Get to Know Your Public Lands - It is always good to know your public lands. Take this fun little quiz to see how well you know the geography of America. ~Geography Games - This is the place to play! With dozens of games ranging from beginner online puzzles to more intense trivia games, there is a game to help get you learning new things. ~Landforms Game - Play this game to learn more about major mountains, rivers and the oceans. ~Name that Rock - You probably have walked on, kicked or thrown a couple hundred rocks in your life, but can you name them. Play this little game to see how many rocks you can name. ~Landforms Games - Try out these simple matching, word search, and concentration games to learn the major landforms in the world. ~Ocean Games - You might be a professor, sailor, or a fish depending on the game you choose. Types of Terrain ~Online Geography Games - Check out this list of games you can play right online to learn more about world geography. ~Climate Games for Kids - The climate is different all over the world, but has also changed throughout history. Play a climate game to see how much the climate has changed over the years. ~How Rainy is the Rainforest - Do you know how rainy the rainforest is? Choose a state in the U.S that you are familiar with and see how it compares to the rainforest. Try out dry Texas and then rainy Washington to see how a rainforest compares. ~Landform Region of the United States - Learn, look, count, and find the different terrains in America. ~World Landforms Interactive Scavenger Hunt - A scavenger hunt right in front of you! Click on a dot and it will show you what it is; rainforest, bay, plateau, desert, volcano, and many more types of terrain. ~Place Spotting - With a few pictures and clues, see if you can guess what it is.

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