Road Trip! A Checklist for Traveling With Dogs

Everyone loves going on a road trip, even your dogs. Make the most out of traveling with your dogs with this handy checklist.

Plan ahead

Before you set off on your grand adventure, here are some things you should check into first. A trip to the vet could be needed to update vaccinations, get a health certificate or a refill on any medications your dogs may take. If your dogs are excitable or nervous, talk to the vet about an anti-anxiety medication for traveling. When planning your trip, inquire about how pet-friendly your lodging is. Is there a limit to the size and weight or an extra deposit to bring your furry friends along with you?


You do not want your dogs to get lost in a new and strange place. Pick up new identification tags with your current address and phone number. You may want to invest in having a microchip implanted in your dogs with all their identifying information and medical history. Buy them new collars to put the tags on, and pack a recent picture of them.

Creature comforts

Just as you like to pack things to make you more comfortable so do your dogs. Dogs can be become nervous, especially going to a new place. Be sure to bring as many comforts from home as you can. They can surely appreciate having their own food and treats, a couple of favorite toys and the bedding they sleep on at home. You may want to bring along their food bowls and crates or carriers if they are used to being in them.

Car travel

Does your dog like to ride in the car? Is the only ride your dogs get is to the vet? This could make for an anxious ride. Take short rides, or go to fun places such as a dog park before leaving on your trip. Dogs should travel on an empty stomach to keep nausea down, but take along plenty of fresh water for them to drink. Make frequents rest stops for potty breaks and exercise. Be sure to keep them on their leashes, and clean up after them. If your dogs are to be crated make sure there is adequate ventilation. Never leave your pets unattended in a locked car.

Traveling with your dogs can be exciting and fun for both of you. Planning ahead makes taking a road trip a breeze.

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