Top Natural Dog Foods for Large Breeds

Natural dog foods contain more meat and meat products than standard dog foods. They also contain less filler, such as ground corn and wheat. These natural dog foods are specially formulated for large-breed dogs.


The Blue Buffalo Company makes BLUE, a line of large-breed dog foods. BLUE is guaranteed to contain no chicken meal (a lower-quality source of protein) and uses whole grains instead of ground corn or wheat. BLUE comes in several varieties with different sets of ingredients, making this brand of dog food ideal even for dogs with food allergies.

Eukanuba Pure

Eukanuba Pure adult large-breed dog food contains no corn and has a balanced mixture of nutrients tailored to large-breed dogs. In particular, Eukanuba Pure contains extra sources of fiber for digestive health and omega fatty acids for joint strength. Fish oil is also one of the main ingredients in this dog food, which may help to calm anxious dogs and contributes to a healthy, shiny coat.

Eagle Pack Large & Giant Breed

Eagle Pack offers large-breed dog food formulations for both puppies and adults. It would be a great choice for owners of a large-breed puppy. Eagle Pack contains protein from chickens, fish and pork for more balanced nutrition, as well as several added vitamins and nutrients.

California Natural

While California Natural dog foods are not formulated specifically for large breeds, they come in an incredibly wide range of flavors, many of which are not usually seen in dog food. Sources of protein include chicken, lamb, herring and salmon, with some varieties containing kangaroo and venison. All varieties offer complete and balanced nutrition, although some may be more calorie-dense than others. California Natural also offers grain-free options for dogs with allergies.

Whether your dog is a picky eater or an omnivore, this list of large-breed dog foods is sure to help you find a food your dog loves.

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