Price of Dog Food Too Doggone High? Affordable Online Sources

A dog may be man's best friend, but in this economy, he may also be another mouth to feed. Do not despair -- there are a myriad of online sources to feed your pup well, and still have plenty left over for your weekly grocery bill. Visit any of these select online retailers, and the price of dog food need not deter you from pampering your beloved canine friend.


With some of the most competitive prices around, and free and fast delivery, Amazon is a godsend to pet owners everywhere. Utilize Amazon's Subscribe & Save option, and you can enjoy another 5 percent off list prices. Heavy bags delivered to your door and an amazing selection of organic, premium and popular brands make Amazon a top pick.

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Pet Food Direct

Pet Food Direct has a subscription model that offers a generous 15 percent discount off their already reduced prices. With nearly 150 different brands offered -- including prescription, raw, organic and premium -- your pooches dietary needs are guaranteed to be met by this online retailer. With the money you have left over, be sure to check out over 20 categories of dog toys featured on their site.

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While some retailers charge extra for larger, heavier bags of dog food, Wag does not. Offering free shipping and free returns and a 365-day guarantee on all of their products, newcomer Wag is making its presence known. First time customers can also use the code WAG for a 15 percent discount on their order. Wag's website is also incredibly easy to navigate and the most visually appealing of the bunch.

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PetFlow ships out over 1 million pounds of pet food per month. Their no-frills website features a wide selection of healthy choices, and a flat rate shipping model ensures consistency and convenience. Brands include Blue Buffalo, Wellness, Evo and more. If you are a new customer, code WEB10 can give you free shipping, as well as take $10 off your first order.

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Initially established as an online pet pharmacy, 1-800-PetMeds has branched out to delivering almost every type of pet supply imagined. Known for superb customer service and stringent quality control, 1-800-PetMeds saves you money without compromising high standards.

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The price of dog food should never be a deterrent in feeding your pet the best foods possible. Fortunately, these top retailers deliver enormous savings -- along with heavy bags of dog food -- straight to your front door.

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