Woof! Soy-Free Dog Food Brands

If your dog suffers from allergies, the soy found in his conventional dog foods may be contributing to the problem. A dull coat, itchy skin and red patches are all signs of soy allergies. Before you spend thousands on vet bills, try feeding one of these soy free dog food products, and see if his symptoms subside.

Barking Bison

This dog food is made primarily with bison meat, whole grain brown rice, oatmeal and alfalfa meal. It is free from soy, wheat and corn and contains added probiotics to promote a healthy digestive system. At 22 percent protein and 8 percent crude fat, this food provides enough energy for an active dog. Omega 3 fatty acids promote healthy skin and can help get rid of flakiness and itching.


This brand makes foods for dogs at all stages of life. All formulas are designed specifically for dogs with skin problems. Chicken Meal & Brown Rice Formula is a good choice for adult dogs with allergies as it is free from soy, corn, wheat and artificial colors. Avocado adds healthy fats to promote moisture retention. The puppy form of this food is a good choice for dogs under one year of age as it contains higher levels of fat that are needed for growth.


This brand offers several soy-free formulas, but the Choice Lamb Meal & Rice formula is the most popular. At 17 percent crude protein, this food is a good choice for adult dogs who do not need to put on additional weight. The high fiber content, which comes from the brown rice, helps ease constipation. The canned variety is also free from soy and contains mostly lamb, lamb broth, lamb liver, rice, potatoes and carrots.


Artemis dog foods are marketed as holistic alternatives to commercial dog foods. Adult Dog is the brand's standard food and contains DHA, omega-3 fatty acids and biotin for healthy skin. The Weight Management Formula is another soy-free option from Artemis. This food is free from all artificial colors and preservatives and contains only 6 percent fat to promote weight control. If your dog suffers from itchy skin that is not due to soy allergies, the low fat content of this feed may not promote healing as well as higher fat foods. However, if he is overweight, this weight control formula may be a healthy choice.

There are many soy free dog food products on the market today, but the above options are some of the best. If you dog is suffering from itchy skin and allergies, soy very well may be to blame. Your dog deserves to have food that satisfies his nutritional needs without causing irritation, so try one of these products, and see if his condition improves.

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What foods have soy?

Things such as rice, milk or bread. If you can't eat or drink or even be near it, I would recommend to look at the label or even ask people working there if you go to store.
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What brands of dog food are grain free?

There are more then 20 brands of grain free dog food on the American market today. Some of these include American Natural, Nature's Select and Nutri-life.
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