Top Natural Dog Foods for Your Four-Legged Friend

Natural dog foods are beneficial to your pet because they offer high-quality ingredients without the fillers and by-products that other foods contain. Here are some of the top natural dog foods available on the market.

Blue Buffalo

One of the top natural and holistic choices on the market, Blue Buffalo was initially designed to protect dogs from cancer by providing only wholesome ingredients. Special "LifeSource Bits" contain select vitamins, minerals and antioxidants picked by top animal nutritionists. All Blue Buffalo foods are free of corn, wheat and soy, and they contain no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors.


The Natura brand was established to offer dog lovers the healthiest ingredients available for their pets. High-quality, wholesome ingredients with no additives provide dogs the optimal nutrients to improve overall health. Natura manufactures foods under the California Natural, Evo, Innova, Mother Nature, Karma and Healthwise labels.


The Wellness brand is known for producing easily digestible foods containing human-grade ingredients. Wellness foods are non-allergenic and contain only ingredients with nutritional benefit. In addition to the many varieties of dog foods, there are also treats and supplements available.


Canidae foods contain no wheat, soy, grain fillers or harmful by-products. All products are manufactured within the United States in USDA- and FDA-approved facilities. Special foods for older and overweight dogs are also available. All formulas are conveniently offered both canned and dry.

Flint River Ranch

This popular brand offers dogs natural, oven-baked formulas with only the best human-grade ingredients. There are various highly digestible formulas for dogs of different ages and lifestyles. For well-behaved pets, Flint River Ranch also has a wide variety of delicious biscuits.

Natural foods provide essential vitamins and minerals without harmful fillers and by-products. For taste and nutrition, these top natural dog foods are the favorites of owners and canines.

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