How to Use Apps for iOS Passbook

With the introduction of iOS 6, many new apps were introduced for use with your iPhone and iPod touch. One of the most useful apps has turned out to be Passbook, the electronic "wallet" that allows you to hold airline tickets, coupons, tickets for sporting events, store loyalty cards, and more all in one easy to access location.

Can I Keep my Airline Boarding Passes in Passbook?

The answer to this question is a qualified yes. Many airlines currently offer Passbook compatibility with their iOS apps. Some of the airlines currently offering this feature include:American AirlinesDeltaVirgin AtlanticLufthansaUnited AirlinesOther airlines are adding Passbook support, or have announced plans to support the app, be sure to check with your favorite airline to see if they offer support.

Can I Put Tickets to Concerts and Sporting Events in Passbook?

In many cases yes. Ticketmaster and Live Nation both allow you to add tickets for events you purchase through their services to be added to Passbook. However, not all venues as yet support Passbook, so be sure to check when purchasing your tickets.Fandango, the popular iOS movie information and ticket buying app now supports adding your movie tickets to Passbook. Just buy the ticket through the app, and then add it to passbook. The ticket taker can scan your ticket right form your iOS device, then it's: "Lights! Camera! Action!"Major League Baseball currently supports the use of Passbook to hold game tickets in 10 ballparks for the 2013 season. Check with your favorite team to see if they support Passbook yet.

Can I Use Passbook at my Favorite Retailers?

Certainly! Many leading retailers currently include Passbook support in their apps.Major department store Target allows you to store weekly coupons in Passbook. When you're at the checkout, simply have the cashier scan the handy Target barcode in the app, and if you purchased any of the items that coupons are available for, your discount will be automatically applied. No more digging around in your purse and having to wait while multiple coupons are scanned.Walgreens is another major retailer to support Passbook. You can have the Walgreens app add your Walgreens Rewards Card barcode to Passbook. While you're at the Checkout, the cashier scans your iPhone and all eligible purchases are counted toward your Walgreens Rewards points total. One great feature lets you set your favorite Walgreens store, and then Passbook will display your Rewards Card whenever you get near the store.Other retailers to include Passbook support include Duane Reade, Sephora, Office Depot, and many more. Be sure to check your favorite retailers iOS app to see if they currently offer support for Passbook.

The Most Important Question: How About my Favorite Coffee Shop?

Yes, Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts both support Passbook in their iOS apps.Starbucks allows you to add a Starbucks card to Passbook, just have the cashier scan your iPhone when it's time to pay for your beverage, and you're ready to go!Dunkin' Donuts also allows you to purchase a prepaid "virtual card" via their iOS app and then add it to Passbook. Just like Starbucks, you can simply scan and go when you buy your pastries and coffee.

What else can I use Passbook for?

Online service offers coupons that can be added to Passbook. Just visit the site with your iPhone or iPod touch, and you can browse through the list of available coupons. Coupons are automatically updated as offerings change.You can create your own Passbook passes by visiting PassSource. This site allows you to create your own passes for retailers that may not yet offer their own. You can even create your own Generic membership card, or even an ID card.


There you have it, just a few of the many ways using Passbook on your iPhone or iPod touch can make your life a little easier. New apps that support Passbook are being introduced all the time. Be sure to keep any eye on your favorite apps to know when they've added Passbook support.

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