How to Choose Among Hair Clipper Sizes

Men's hair clippers have become a standard part of the American home, especially in this economy. Using your own hair clipper set is an economical choice. Clippers are safe and easy to use for both men and boys, and it's not easy to mess up a hair style while using them. But if you do, well, that's fixable too. You may want to try your hand at sculpting a butch cut, the challenge of a crew cut, or some other type of a buzz cut, but for any of these styles you will need the right hair clipper sizes for the job. Hair clipper sizes range greatly, so if you are taking the clipper into your own hands, it's a good idea to know ahead of time what to expect.

Straight Clippers

A good hair clipper set will come with 6 to 8 guard attachments, ranging from approximately 1/16 " to 1 1/4" in size. The number of the guard indicates on average, the number of weeks of hair growth left on the scalp after the guard has been used. So, a number 4 guard would leave a typical 4 weeks growth or 1/2" of hair on the scalp.Guide - Length 1/2 - 1/16" 1 - 1/8" 1 - 1/2 - 3/16" 2 - 1/4" 3 - 3/8" 4 - 1/2" 5 - 5/8" 6 - 3/4" 7 - 7/8" 8 - 1" 10 - 1 1/4"

Rotary Clippers

Rotary clippers have blade attachments that have slightly different lengths available and they are numbered differently than guard attachments. Blade - Length00000 - 1/125" 0000 - 1/100" 000 - 1/50" 0A - 3/64" 1 - 3/32" 1A - 1/8" 1.5 - 5/32" 2 - 1/4" 3.5 - 3/8" 3.75 - 1/2"

Picking the Right Clipper Attachment

So how do you choose the right hair clipper size? Well, that depends upon the style and look you are going for. Whatever size clipper guard or blade you choose to use, it should correspond with the ultimate goal of your hair style. If you want a hair cut that is buzzed extra close to the scalp, then choose a smaller size clip, with a smaller number on it. If you prefer your hair to remain a bit longer, you will want to choose one of the bigger hair clipper sizes.

Clipper Brands Will Vary

Hair clipper brands may have different blade or guard sizes, meaning you cannot always rely on a number alone for a consistent length to your style. For instance, if you ask for a number 2 fade cut at the salon, you can expect it to be cut closest to the scalp at the nape of the neck, gradually fading into longer hair higher on the head. However, the clipper size a barber uses may differ from that of your home clipper, or even from that of another professional. Yes, the difference in length may be miniscule, but it's good to note if precision is important to you.

Let's face it; the hair clipper sizes most do-it-yourselfers use are limited, to say the least. The only way to really know the results to expect from these different clipper sizes is to try them and take note. Always start with a clipper size longer than you think you'll need, as you can always go shorter, like the carpenter, measure twice cut once. A son, nephew or even the next door neighbor kid, are the perfect models to hone your skills. Here are some related articles that you might want to check out:Is the Best Razor Electric or Blade?Best Shaving Cream Picks - Just for MenTop Shaving Creams for Sensitive SkinHow to Properly Shave TutorialThe Best Men's Shave CreamsHow to Trim Mustache Tutorial

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