How Do Game Trainers Help You Beat a Computer Game?

Game trainers area a popular code program used to help players advance in a computer game. They are third-party programs used to modify the behavior of games, granting you advantages. You can find them available for just about every popular title on the market. Here is an explanation into how trainers work.

What Are Game Trainers?

Otherwise known as memory editors, these programs are made to interrupt the computer from saving information about certain data. When you are playing, the computer frequently updates information such as health, ammunition, and armor. The computer then adjusts to compensate for this information. For instance, if your health bar reaches zero, then the computer adjusts to show that your character is dead. Memory editors work by interrupting that process.

How Do Memory Editors Work?

Memory editors work by freezing the memory address, preventing the computer from modifying the information. It goes into the coding and stops the process of overwriting information. For example, a memory editor can give you unlimited health, because it prevents the computer from updating the data when your character takes damage. Some memory editors change the values stored. This allows you to alter the value; for instance, you can grant yourself a large number of lives, or lots of ammunition.

How Do You Use Them?

The memory editor must be in the background while you are playing. You should start the game first, then alt-tab back to the desktop to open the memory editor. You will be given a menu with various options, which you can set. Once you have set the values, you can return to what you were playing. The memory editor needs to be in the background until you stop.

Where Do You Find Them?

A good place to find memory editors is Cheat Happens. They have editors for almost all titles, although some are restricted to paid access. They usually follow a particular way of naming. A memory editor will have the name of the title, appended with the plus sign, and then a number reflecting how many functions are available. Some editors may also contain the name of the maker.

See: Cheat Happens

What Are Some Precautions?

When looking for a memory editor, make sure you get one from a site that checks their programs. Some sites will host editors that contain malicious software. You may end up installing viruses and Trojan horses onto your system. Also, memory editors tend to work with specific versions of a title. If a memory editor does not work, then it means it is not made for the version you own.

Trainers can help you progress through a game, by modifying attributes that make game play easier. They are also convenient to use. Because they run in the background while you play, you can concentrate on playing without having to remember which codes to input for certain advantages. When downloading a trainer, you should be aware of the source so that you do not infect your computer with malware.

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