Cheats For Army Men: RTS

Army Men: RTS is a popular strategy game for the PC. The game allows you to control armies of plastic soldiers on a battlefield. It can also be a challenging game, due to its sophisticated AI. Here are some popular codes to help you during the game.

PC Codes

There are some codes you can enter to help you during play. While playing the game, press ALT+Backspace. This will bring up a cheats menu, where you can enter codes. FANTASTIC PLASTIC will give you 5000 plastic, while BRAIN SICK will raise the tan's defence and attack level. The green's equivalent is KICK SOME BUTT. ZAP ME gives 2000 electricity, and AHOY CAPTAIN DAN will give five paratroppers. This code only works once per level.

PS2 Codes

There are some similar codes available for the PS2. You will need to hold and press buttons in sequence. Holding R2, then pressing Triangle, O, Square, X, Triangle, Square will give you 5000 plastic. Triangle, Square, O, X, Triangle, X will give you 2000 energy. Pressing Square, Square, Square, Triangle, O, X will increase the capacity of dump trucks.

Gamecube Codes

On the Gamecube, hold down on the D pad and press the following buttons in sequence to access a code. Y X B A Y B will give you 5000 plastic. Y B X A Y A will give you 2000 electricity. To increase the capacity of the dump trucks, use B B B Y X A. You can increase your army's damage and decrease their damage taken by using B B A Y A B.

Faster Healing

When your units take damage, you can make the medics heal faster. Select a medic, then continuously select the unit. This will make your medic heal twice as fast. This will work best when you have several medics working on a unit at the same time. Several medics can rapidly heal a unit, making the unit almost invulnerable to damage by enemy units.

Fun Codes

There are some codes that are more for fun. They can spice up your game if you are feeling bored. COLOR ME STUPID will change your team's colors to a random shade if you are on the PC. The PS2 equivalent is Square, Triangle, Square, Square, X, O, and the Gamecube one is B Y B B A X. Holding R2, then pressing Square, Triangle, Left, Left, Triangle, Square on the PS2 will lead to your unit's suicide.

There are various Army Men: RTS cheats available for various platforms. Using these cheats, you can increase the efficiency of your units and resource gathering. This will help you when you are getting frustrated at a certain level. You should keep this list handy for moments when you get stuck on the game.

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