Try Your Luck in a Casino in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma is popular among gamblers and has about 100 casinos throughout the state. If you are trying to find casinos in Oklahoma City, you have only the Remington Park Racino to go, but you won't have to go very far to find an alternative. Gambling is a great way to have fun with friends and to try your luck at winning some extra bucks. However, always set your limit before playing, and stick with it. Gambling is addictive, and if you lose control, it can get you into serious financial trouble. Once you have set your mind to play responsibly, check out what the five casinos listed below have to offer you, and make your choice.

Remington Park Racino

The Remington Park Racino is a horse racing venue, and it is also home to the only casino in Oklahoma City. It is a good choice to gamble in if you don't want to leave the city. You will surely find entertainment between the 750 slot machines and the horse races. You will need to go to another place if you want to play table games. Come on a weekend to catch a race, grab a beer at the Bricktown Brewery, and have dinner in the Silks restaurant.

Riverwind Casino

If Remington Park does not have enough gambling for you, go to nearby Norman, and visit the Riverwind. In its 60,000 square feet, you can choose among more than 2,700 electronic games and slots, video poker, baccarat, blackjack, off-track betting, and more. Adding to the games, the Riverwind Casino gives you the chance to win more dollars and prizes in regular contests and promotions. Have a drink in the cool Energy Bar in between your plays. It is located right in the middle of the casino, so you can keep watching all the action.

Cherokee Casino

To find the wheel spinning, go to the Cherokee Casino in Tulsa. The casino is part of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and, besides the roulette, it offers you more than 70 table games. In this place, you are guaranteed to have a great soundtrack as you gamble. Standing up to its Hard Rock label, the Cherokee Casino has a vast calendar of music events, some of them taking place on The Joint, a venue with amphitheatre-like seats.

Lucky Star Casino

The Lucky Star Casino in Clinton is just a one-hour drive from Oklahoma City, and it offers everything the Cherokee does except for the roulette. It is one of the most popular casinos in Oklahoma, and you can come to play slots, blackjack, and poker. There is a second one in Concho where live shows by famous artists are held frequently. Even if you are not into gambling, it's worth checking out the events schedule because you may find that your favorite artist is in town.

Grand Casino

Of all the casinos listed, the Grand Casino is the most glamorous. Located in Shawnee, just 20 minutes east of Oklahoma City, it has 43 table and poker games and more than 1,800 video games. If you get lucky in your gambling, you can stay in the hotel and try the golf course available at the resort. Despite its luxurious atmosphere, the Grand Casino has a place to eat no matter what your budget and mood are. There are four restaurants, including a steakhouse and a Subway.

Not all casinos in Oklahoma City or around have every game, so you may want to pick your destination according to your preferred games. If you are into table gambling, you will have to drive at least to nearby Norman to visit the Riverwind Casino. The Grand Casino in Shawnee has nearly everything you can wish for, wrapped up in a luxurious atmosphere, and the Cherokee Casino in Tulsa will delight you if you are a music lover.

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