14 Restaurants With The Best Senior Discounts

By the time you reach a certain age, you've earned a discount on a terrific dinner. Here are 12 popular restaurants that have awesome deals!

1. Back Yard BurgersFaithful Provisions

1. Back Yard Burgers

If you're looking for big, juicy burgers, Back Yard Burgers is the place to be. Back Yard Burgers has a nice selection of 100 percent black angus burgers. And, as an extra treat, customers of a certain age get a free drink with any meal! That's a nice way to honor older adults.

2. Denny'sTodays Orlando

2. Denny's

While younger diners go crazy over their "Moons-Over-My-Hammy," seniors have a few VIP options. Anyone over 55 is privileged with a special secret menu. AARP members also receive 15 percent off the bill. If you're not already eating here, then you need to start.

3. Carrabba'sLiving Rich With Coupons

3. Carrabba's

While this special doesn't happen everyday, it's still a pretty good deal. Wednesday is the day to visit Carrabba's. On Wednesdays, AARP members get a whopping 20 percent off their meals. Such a good deal!

4. Fazoli'sThe Augusta Chronicle

4. Fazoli's

Fazoli's operates a little differently than other restaurants. The senior discount isn't offered to you just because you're a certain age. To get the senior discount, you'll need to join their "Club 62." But once you join, special menu items become available!

5. Arby'sTumblr: neza-raps

5. Arby's

Bask in Arby's roast beef glory! The king of deli meat sandwiches offers it's diners who are 55 years or older a 10 percent discount. Plus, some locations will even throw in a free drink. You can't beat that!

6. Jack in the BoxBurgers, Dogs, and Pizza

6. Jack in the Box

Jack is here to help you save money! If you're 55 or older, you can get 20 percent off your entire order. That includes all food items and drinks.

7. Papa John'sPapa John's

7. Papa John's

Papa John's pizza wants YOU to get a deal on your pizza. Anyone over 55 years old can take 25 percent off an online order. That's pretty generous.

8. KFCGossip Katta

8. KFC

This finger-licking-good restaurant has some sweet deals for anyone over 55. Diners over 55 are eligible for a free drink with any order. It may not be 25 percent off, but it's a nice gesture of respect.

9. HardeesShop RVA

9. Hardees

Hardees has deals on both food AND drinks at their restaurants. Older adults receive up to 10 percent off any order, PLUS, all drinks are 33 cents. That's one cheap meal!

10. McDonald'sBusiness Insider

10. McDonald's

Everyone loves McDonald's, so it's no wonder they have a great deals for older adults. One of the best is that they offer senior discounts on all sizes of coffee. This deal is available every single day.

11. Outback SteakhouseAugustine

11. Outback Steakhouse

When you crave red meat, stop by Outback Steakhouse. AARP members can get 15 percent off their entire meals Monday through Thursday. There's no better time or place for dinner with friends!

12. Dunkin' DonutsEast Idaho News

12. Dunkin' Donuts

Dunkin' Donuts has sweet treats for AARP members! You can get a FREE donut when you purchase a coffee. What a perfect combo!

13. Dairy QueenThe Wire

13. Dairy Queen

In the mood for some ice cream? Why not head on over to your local Dairy Queen. Dairy Queen offers it's senior customers a 10 percent discount on menu items. However, this discount can vary in different locations.

14. FuddruckersFuddruckers

14. Fuddruckers

If you're 55 or older, then you can get yourself a nice little discount at Fuddruckers. The restaurant offers its senior customers a 10 percent discount off of any senior platter.

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