15 Dangerous Products For Babies That Are Still In The Store

Parents should be aware that these items could pose a serious threat to their infants.

1. Daydream SleepersToys R Us

1. Daydream Sleepers

Much like the recalled Nap Nanny, the design of this foam sleeper poses a very real danger to sleeping infants. The baby could roll against one of the sides and suffocate.

2. Bumbo SeatsThe Safest Line

2. Bumbo Seats

This product seemed like a great way to help babies sit up for feeding time. However, when placed on a raised surface, like a counter or table, babies are liable to tip over and land right on their faces. The original version was recalled in 2007, and the product now has a strap to help baby stay up. The strap may not be enough to keep the baby from tipping over, though.

3. JumpersBaby City

3. Jumpers

Although babies may love it, their doorway jumper could put them in serious jeopardy. Poorly secured jumpers can fall apart and overly enthusiastic babies can bounce so high they bonk their noggins on the doorway.

4. Sleep PositionersDiapers

4. Sleep Positioners

Ironically, this product is supposed to keep your infant safe as they sleep. Instead, babies can find themselves buried face-first in the foam sides and suffocate.

5. Car Seat ToysHarlem Toys

5. Car Seat Toys

Experts recommend only using the car seat toys that came with the car seat. While crash testing their car seats, manufacturers only use their own toys, not ones made by third parties. It's uncertain what third-party toys would do during a crash.

6. Bath SeatKiddicare

6. Bath Seat

While this product is perfectly safe when used with adult supervision, experts fear that it may delude parents into thinking it's safe to leave their infants unattended in the bath, and it is not.

7. Co-SleepersBaby Center

7. Co-Sleepers

Co-sleepers seem like a great way for parents to sleep with their babies. But the foam sides pose a threat. The baby could roll into them and suffocate. And because of the flimsy sides, parents could also roll on top of the baby and harm them that way.

8. Baby SlingsGetty Images

8. Baby Slings

If used incorrectly, a baby could be seriously injured or even suffocate when in a sling. Parents should elevate the sling so that the baby is at a "kissable" level.

9. Crib BumpersBaby Bedding

9. Crib Bumpers

Although this product aims to keep babies safe from the bars of their cribs, it could actually suffocate them. The American Academy of Pediatrics advises parents to avoid them. Some states, like Maryland, have banned crib bumpers outright.

10. WalkersGetty Images

10. Walkers

The American Academy of Pediatrics has been calling for a ban on this product for a long time. There have been a number of cases of babies accidentally falling down stairs while in these walkers. Plus studies show that despite their names, walkers actually limit the development of walking.

11. Drop-Side CribsNBC News

11. Drop-Side Cribs

The sides of these cribs are made to slide so it's easy for Mom and Dad to grab the baby. These moving parts aren't very safe, however. These cribs have been responsible for 32 deaths since the year 2000.

12. Crib TentsJerry Mahoney

12. Crib Tents

Although these crib tents might seem like a great way to protect your child from bugs and curious pets, they can be unsafe for several reasons. Babies can get caught in the fabric and be strangled or trapped between the tent and the crib rails. Some crib tents have also been known to collapse and injure babies.

13. Changing TablesToys R Us

13. Changing Tables

Changing tables are everywhere, but try to use one that has four sides. More than 4,500 kids were injured in changing table accidents in 2009. It can be easy for them to roll off if Mom or Dad looks away for a moment!

14. Furniture That Isn't SecureRenovate Your World

14. Furniture That Isn't Secure

Toppling furniture can be a huge hazard to babies. In the eight-year span between 2000 and 2008, almost 200 children were killed by furniture tipping over. Always make sure your heavy items are secured to the wall!

15. Corded Baby MonitorsHealthy Canadians

15. Corded Baby Monitors

Baby monitors are meant to keep your baby safe, and generally they do not pose a risk. If your baby monitor has a cord, though, make sure the device is out of reach of the child. All cords in your house should be placed out of reach of baby's grasping fingers.

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