Has Taylor Swift's Style Journey Led Her To Look Like Jenny Humphrey's Twin?

Taylor Swift's style has spent the last several years undergoing an incredible transformation, but her latest look seems a bit...familiar.

Started From The Bottom...Fanpop

Started From The Bottom...

At first, Taylor Swift's style was more country girl-next-door than celebrity starlet.

Good Ol' Country GirlMTV

Good Ol' Country Girl

On stage, she loved to wear pretty dresses along with her signature cowboy boots.

Changing It UpT-Shirt Sky

Changing It Up

Every few years, it seems like T. Swift enters into a new era of style that's even more fabulous than the last.

End Of An EraFame Fly

End Of An Era

Now that she's done with the 1989 era, Taylor is changing things up again.

Pretty In PinkYaplog

Pretty In Pink

Say goodbye to all the sweet, pale pastels, and ready yourself for look that looks like something we've seen before.

Brand New 'Do

Swift cut her signature blonde locks into an even shorter hairstyle. Her platinum blonde hair and darker clothing choices remind us of "Gossip Girl's" Jenny Humphrey.

A photo posted by Martha Hunt (@marhunt) on

A Striking Resemblance

A Striking Resemblance

Black choker? Check. Tousled locks? Double check. All black wardrobe? You better believe it.

Strangely SimilarThe CW

Strangely Similar

With all the heavy eye make up, bright red lips, and daring all-black ensembles that T. Swift has been pulling off, she's a dead ringer for Humphrey.

Grunge 2.0AKM-GSI

Grunge 2.0

Even Swift's famous red pout, which she's rarely without, looks like it's taken from a page in Humphrey's style book.

Loving The VampDaily Mail

Loving The Vamp

Truth be told, Taylor Swift could probably shave her head bald and still make it a #Look.

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