How To Differentiate Between A.I Chatbots And A.I. Interface

So many industries are incorporating A.I. into their system functionality, and there is no doubt on the significant impact they will have on startups. For the case of individuals claiming that their products are powered by A.I., the main questions they should be asked is if at all they are really using A.I., and what exactly is an A.I. chatbot?

Artificial Intelligence and ChatbotsArtificial Intelligence and Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence doesn't only mean a computer that has the capacity to learn and think like a human. It actually refers to a program that has the ability to solve issues on its own. If a computer hasn't been programmed to solve a certain problem you have instructed it to do, it will not respond. However, the response will be different for the case of an A.I.-powered program, which is what companies such as Inteladesk are using to run their platform. It is still not possible for A.I. to do all the tasks, hence there is need for an addition of human touch in order to succeed in performing different level tasks.

When faced with the task of building your website and chatbots, it is crucial to understand if they are A.I.-powered. If at all they are, it is important to know the extent. The information provided will give you insight that will shade some light when it comes to differentiating between A.I. chatbot and A.I. interface.

A.I. InterfaceAI Interface

A.I. Interface

Intelligent user interface is a kind of interface that involves the use of some certain aspect of Artificial Intelligence. A.I. interface is a complete amalgamation of artificial intelligence that has a normal UI, frequently with a minimal design.

Most startups are incorporating the A.I. interface for their multiple tasks and also their Messenger and Slack. For the case of a website builder that is A.I.-based as a startup, it may use A.I. interface when it comes to creating a website with the assistance of their close-ended chatbot, which comprehend the replies and implements changes if need be. The type of questions these chatbots ask are rather close-ended, hence a small portion of A.I. is being employed.

For this case, an intelligent interface will pop some suggestions that may be in the form of buttons, but not A.I.-based. But it is more efficient and effective than the normal UI as a result of the intelligent strings linked to it and the code it has been based on. Normally, UI features decent domain knowledge or even a user's model.

Such factors enable the interface to gain a better understanding of the needs of the user, and hence can comfortably guide and personalize the interaction. Since this user interface has an aspect of artificial intelligence, it still can't match up to chatbots that are A.I.-powered.

A.I. ChatbotsAI Chatbots

A.I. Chatbots

There are two distinct types of chatbots; the A.I. bots and the scripted bots. For the case of a scripted chatbot, there is no use of A.I.. On the other hand, the A.I. bots are built on ML and NLP, to mean they are based on human capacity to learn and gain more information, and they are more efficient.

Such efficient machinery has the capacity to process much faster than what humans can and will also show more reliable results. A.I. chatbots are more advanced compared to A.I. interface. For the case of convenience, A.I. chatbots score highly, since the interface only gives options while the A.I. chatbot allows you to give your own response.

Inteladesk is a perfect example of a platform that utilizes A.I. chatbots for customer management purposes. It has taken advantage of AI. and made it possible for the platform to interpret text, speech, or any other type of input while simultaneously interacting with other applications and the user.


More possibilities lie with A.I. chatbots. While getting more comfortable and relaxed with them, they end up becoming more useful. However, some companies offer these services that will take your business to the next level, while giving you an edge over other competitor firms in your line of industry.

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