The Best Cell Phone Plans for Families

The big, traditional carriers want you to believe that their family plans offer the best cell phone options for families; however, this is untrue for budget-conscious consumers. Although AT&T and Verizon boast the best cell phone networks, they also charge a premium price. In contrast, budget carriers often provide perfectly adequate service for families looking for the best cheap cell phone plan.

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile operates on the high-quality Sprint network. Despite these benefits, the company offers extremely cost-effective plans without a contract. Your family can get unlimited texting and 3G with a healthy number of voice minutes for a low monthly fee or purchase the service you need minute by minute and text by text.Virgin Mobile

Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless is a new company that offers probably the lowest rate available on unlimited service for a smartphone. Although this comes with a few restrictions - you must have a wireless network, and you only have one phone to choose from - for many families the savings are significant.Republic Wireless

Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile provides many options similar to Virgin, and the two companies often share store space. However, a few of Boost's phones and other options are different, so it is worth considering both providers. One interesting facet of Boost's model is that you can lower your rate by paying on time.Boost Mobile

Straight Talk Wireless

Straight Talk Wireless is run by TracFone through Wal-Mart, making it both reputable and established. Plans with Straight Talk range from the extreme budget-end up through unlimited coverage for the iPhone 5. Topping up your plan is also accomplished through an easy and free web application.Straight Talk Wireless

Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless is an established company offering a variety of mobile plans in many areas. Phones are available at many of Cricket's own stores. The company also offers monthly plans for families.Cricket Wireless

Ultimately, the best cell phone carrier is the one that meets your needs. If your family can afford a high-end plan, the mainstream carriers are the best way to go for options and service. However, if you are looking to save money, budget carriers are a great option.

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