Notable Country Music Duos Who Have Broken Up

Many Country music duos have come and gone throughout the years. While some made music together for decades, like Brooks & Dunn, others, such as Miss Willie Brown, came and went rather quickly. Here's a look at notable Country music duos who have broken up.

The Wreckers

In 2005, Michelle Branch and Jessica Harp formed the Country music duo The Wreckers. The duo's first and only studio album, "Stand Still Look Pretty," was released in May 2006. The album produced the No.1 hit "Leave the Pieces," which is the track the duo is best known for. After releasing two additional singles from the album, Branch and Harp decided to go their separate ways and pursue solo careers. Branch is still writing and recording music, while Harp is focusing on her songwriting.

The JaneDear Girls

The JaneDear Girls, comprised of Susie Brown and Danelle Leverett, hit the Country music scene in 2010 with the release of their debut single, "Wildflower." The duo released a self-titled album in 2011 and went on to release two more singles, "Shotgun Girl" and "Merry Go Round." The duo earned two nominations at the 46th Annual Academy of Country Music (ACM) Awards as well as a nomination for Duo Video of the Year at the CMT Awards in 2011. The JaneDear Girls' short-lived career ended in 2012 when they decided to go solo. Brown is working on a solo album with producer James Stroud and Leverett is recording music as Nelly Joy.

Miss Willie Brown

Country duo Miss Willie Brown came as fast as it went away. Amanda Watkins and Kasey Buckley formed the duo and went on to release two extended plays (EPs). During Miss Willie Brown's short career, the duo toured with Dierks Bentley and appeared on The CW's hit show "Hart of Dixie." The track "You're All That Matters to Me" was the duo's highest peaking single at No.43. In April 2013, Miss Willie Brown announced plans to part ways. Watkins is pursuing a solo career, while Buckley is taking a break from making music.

Brooks & Dunn

After 20 years of making music together as Brooks & Dunn, Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn split in 2010. The duo, founded in 1990, first hit the charts in 1991 with the iconic hit "Brand New Man." Brooks & Dunn went on to release 10 studio albums and chart 50 singles. The duo has 20 No.1 singles and countless awards under its belt, including dozens of ACM and Country Music Association Awards. In 2009, Brooks & Dunn announced plans to split after a farewell tour in 2010. Dunn was the first to release solo music with his self-titled album in 2011. Brooks followed with a solo album, entitled "New To This Town," in 2012.

Although these duos may not be making music together anymore, the music they recorded as a duo will live on forever.

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