Enhance Your Creative Writing Skills

Creative writing refers to writing something that expresses the writer's thoughts, feelings and emotions. The writer uses their imagination and writes something interesting or outside the box. Creative writing is an excellent way for students to strengthen their writing skills while utilizing their imagination and creativity. There are many techniques and strategies to enhance a student's creative writing skills. These four creative writing techniques will help develop your writing skills over time. Writers should choose one technique and focus on it until it becomes quite natural before moving onto another.

Practice Writing Daily

Good writers write every day. You will want to exercise your writing muscles and improve your skills through consistent daily practice. Even if you feel uninspired to write, you will want to force yourself to write everyday. Don't worry about structure. Allow yourself to write your ideas, emotions and thoughts without regard to grammar and structure. Getting your ideas on paper is the most important.


Use a journal for reflective writing. This is a form of creative writing that promotes self-exploration, self-improvement and self-reflection. This style of writing documents parts of lives which helps the writer become more self-aware. Reflective journaling describes our reaction or emotion of a specific situation. Writers that do reflective journaling often feel strongly about the situation and feel that it is important to share.

Brainstorm Ideas

Keep a notebook handy at all times. It is recommended to jot down ideas that will inspire stories for later. Write down your observations, experiences or feelings. Some brainstorming techniques include free writing, mind mapping, listing, using questions, using similies or metaphors. These techniques will not only challenge the writing process but will also bring new ideas to your writing pieces.

Choose The Right Topic

Writers must choose a topic that works best for them. Writers should select a topic that brings them happiness. It will be much easier to write about a topic that is fun and makes you feel good. Choosing a topic that works for you makes the writing process more enjoyable and it will feel less like a chore.

Creative writing is a process that takes time. Writers need to find the right topic that will energize them to write creatively and freely. Practicing daily, journaling, brainstorming and selecting the right topic are several techniques that make the creative writing process enjoyable and successful. As you strengthen your creative writing skills by using the above techniques remember to always use your imagination and enjoy the process.

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