How to Upgrade Your Apple iPhone

Everyone is walking around with the newest iPhone and you still have an iPhone 3 or 4 in your pocket. You want the newer version, but aren't sure how to go about upgrading. How do you upgrade your iPhone? When looking to upgrade your phone to a newer version, there are some questions you need to ask.

Is Your Contract Up for Renewal?

If your contract is up for renewal, you will likely be able to upgrade to the newest version of the iPhone at an affordable price. Most carriers are carrying refurbished iPhones, making an upgrade even more affordable. To upgrade you will simply need to go to the local store of your cellular provider or call customer service. Tell them you want to upgrade and ask them what the upgrade price will be. If your contract is up for renewal, you should be given the iPhone at the contract price. If they do not offer you the contract price, threaten to take your business elsewhere as other cellular providers will be willing to give you the discount.

Are You Eligible for an Early Upgrade?

Not all cellular providers advertise this fact, but oftentimes consumers are eligible for early upgrades. This usually happens when you have been with the same company for a while and haven't upgraded your phone recently. Even if your contract is not yet up for renewal, you may be able to get a discounted price on an upgrade. Contact the customer service department of your cellular provider and ask them if you are eligible for an early upgrade. If you are, ask them how much the early upgrade discounted price will be. You may be able to save hundreds of dollars using an early upgrade option.

Are You Willing to Pay Retail?

If you're willing to pay retail, or close to it, you can upgrade your iPhone whenever you want. You simply have to shop around for the best no-contract price on the iPhone you want and make the purchase. You may need to request a new SIM card to accommodate your new iPhone, but most cellular providers will send you the SIM that you need for free or a small fee. You will have to call customer service or technical support to have your number changed from your old iPhone to the new device that you purchase.

How Much Will You Pay if You Pay Retail?

How much you will pay for your an upgrade if you pay retail will depend on a number of factors, including which model you purchase and where you purchase it from. For example, you can purchase an unlocked iPhone from if your cellular provider does not sell no-contract iPhone 5s. You may be able to get the device for less, however, if you purchase it directly from your cellular provider. Sprint offers the smartphone at no-contract pricing for less than what you will pay for the unlocked version at Amazon. The difference is that you will have to use Sprint's service if you get the phone from Sprint. If you get the phone from Amazon, it is not locked to a specific carrier so you can use it with almost any cellular provider.

Are You Willing to Buy Used?

One man's trash is another man's treasure. If you're still walking around with an iPhone 3, an iPhone 4 S may be a good upgrade for you. This means you can likely find the phone for a good price if you purchase a used or refurbished phone. You simply need to shop around on sites like Craigslist or eBay and see what is available. This can be an affordable way to upgrade if you don't mind that your upgrade won't be the latest version of the smartphone.

If you are carrying an outdated version of the iPhone, you may be wondering how to upgrade. Before you do anything, see if you are available for contract pricing on an upgrade from your cellular provider. If your contract is not up for renewal, look into early upgrade options or consider purchasing a used or refurbished phone. There are a number of ways to upgrade your iPhone without breaking the bank.

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