History of the First Video Camera

The video camera is now commonplace and affordable. With the excellent picture sensor and compact design, the video camera is convenient. However, the first video camera was a totally different story. In 1888, the first video camera was invented. Through the development of technologies, the camera was available to the average consumer in the early 1930?s.

When Was the First Video Camera Designed?

In 1888, Louis Le Prince designed the first video camera, which was later patented. Le Prince used the celluloid film and paper bands from John Carbutt, which is still shown in the National Media Museum in England. However, the first video camera was made in the United States, and was designed by Thomas Alva Edison.

When Was the First Chronophotographic Camera Made?

In 1889, William Friese-Greene invented the chronophotographic camera, which was patented later on. The camera could take 10 photographs per second, with the help from the celluloid file. Most people were aware of the camera in the news at the British Photographic News in 1890. The designer gave a demonstration to the public in 1890. Because the performance of the camera was unreliable, the camera was not common.

When Was the Camera with Projector Invented?

In 1894, Kazimierz Prószy invented the camera with the Pleograph projector. A more advanced camera was invented in 1898. In 1894, Max Skladanowsky also designed the Bioscope projector, which was the first duplex camera in practice. You can find the projector in the South Kensington Science Museum.

When Was the First Metal Camera Made?

During 1911-12, Bell and Howell invented the first cine camera, which was completely metal-made. The most complicated camera was the Three-Strip Camera designed from the technology of Mitchell-Technicolor Beam Splitting. With the help from the light filters, the technology separated the color original into purple, green, and red. The camera now was closely similar to the design of the modern video camera.

When Was the First Movie Camera Designed?

Before World War II, the first movie camera was available in 9.5 millimeter film format. During the post-war period, the frequency of the use of movie cameras increased. Compared with the previous cameras, the cameras now were lighter, smaller, and more affordable. In 1921, Emanuel Goldberg even designed the most compact camera, which was a 35 millimeter model. In 1923, the attachment of a spring motor was added for flexible handheld filming. In the early 1930s, the camera was commonly used by documentary filmmakers.

The use of the camera was not common in the past. However, the situation was totally changed after World War II. Many people began to use cameras to take movies. In the early 1930?s, many documentary filmmakers used cameras for their movies.

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Who invented the first video camera?

Philo T. Farnsworth invented the video camera.
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Who made the first video camera?

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