Six Web-Based Apps for Mobile Instant Messaging

Ever since broadband Internet became so widely available, many applications have been migrating to the cloud. Web-based applications can be used from any computer, whether at home, school, the library, or work. This makes them useful for people who do not even own a computer of their own.One useful category of web-based application is the instant messenger. These applications will connect to multiple instant messengers, such as Google Talk, AIM, and Yahoo, and provide a single interface to all of these services. Here are six such services.

Imo is a web messenger client with excellent support for manipulating contact lists. Users can rearrange their buddies from multiple different services into groups, which allows uploading and sharing photos to group galleries, or add their favorite contacts to a "favorites" list for prompt access. It also includes support for sharing files with contacts, by uploading the file to temporary storage and generating a URL for the contact to retrieve it. Apart from the web client, Imo also supports Android and iOS applications.



Nimbuzz is an instant messaging application that supports primarily Facebook, Yahoo, and Google chat, as well as providing free video and voice over IP calling. It is available for the PC and Mac, as well as iOS, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows, Nokia, and Java-based devices, and the Google Chrome web browser. It does require a mobile phone number to sign up, but Google Voice numbers work.

See: Nimbuzz


EBuddy chat allows access to all the major IM networks: MSN, AIM, Google Talk, Yahoo, ICQ, and Facebook. It offers clients for the web, tablets, and Google Chrome. Unlike other IM apps, it does not require creating its own unique account ID. It allows users to log in with any one of their accounts and link them together, so that one login logs into all.


In addition to offering one of the best known computer IM clients, Trillian also offers an on-line web-based version which can sign into the major IM applications plus Jabber, MySpace, and Facebook. It also offers applications for PC and tablets, and keeps the applications synchronized across devices.

See: Http://


IM+ is another cross-platform multi-chat application. In addition to the usual instant message networks, it also offers a number of foreign ones such as Vkantakte and Yandex. IM+ has a feature called "Neighbors" that allows users to find others who are close to them geographically or otherwise share common interests.

See: Http://


ILoveIM is another service that allows users to log into multiple accounts simultaneously, including Facebook, MySpace, and Skype. Its interface is not as advanced as some of the other applications on this list; the users from each application are shown in separate tabs and cannot be mixed and matched.


Cloud-based instant message services let users IM with your friends no matter where they are or what computer they are using. Many of them also have PC and tablet clients for using on computers they own as well. These six web apps are some of the best options for portable multi-service instant messaging.

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