5 Sources of Popular Cheat Codes to Train Your Game

What you call a "cheat code" is the kind of tool that is called a game trainer by developers. A game trainer is a bit of software that lets developers push a game to its limits by overriding some of its rules. Overriding game rules is exactly why players want cheat codes. When you get tired of being shot or stabbed or blown up or eaten alive, a cheat code lets you override the game rule you can't manage to defeat so you can move on. Below are five links to great sources of cheat codes.


SuperCheats is produced by the Video Gamer Network. In addition to console and mobile game cheats, it offers specialty expertise in cheats for Facebook games, plus an extremely detailed Pokedex, providing locations and stats on all 649 Pokemon. The well-organized site offers large sections of the most popular cheats and walkthroughs along with the most recent cheats and walkthroughs. Gamers can ask and answer questions, participate in polls and forums, and download wallpapers.

See: SuperCheats

IGN Wikis

This site is heavily user-driven through its use of wikis to bring user-created information about the best cheats for current popular games. Game guides and walkthroughs are also offered. A highly visible section indicates specific games where user guides, walkthroughs, and cheats have been requested. This site focuses on more recent games and devices, although it's built to allow vintage game users to add cheats all the way back to Pong on the TRS-80, if there are any.

See: IGN Wikis

G4tv Cheats

Given the popularity of G4tv, it's essential to know about the cheat codes page on its website. Not surprisingly, you can watch videos of people demonstrating the cheat codes. Unfortunately, it has fewer codes for fewer devices and fewer games than many other pages. Offsetting that, it has codes for independent games that aren't even referenced on most other pages. So if you're playing something obscure, this is a good place to check out.

See: G4TV Cheats


CheatMasters offers cheats, codes, hints, and tips for games on every kind of console. That includes some mobile platforms. The site also gives walkthroughs, guides, and reviews of new games. Blogs and forums allow members to contribute their knowledge and experience. The homepage focuses on current top games on major platforms.

See: CheatMasters


This site was founded by BradyGames, a company that's been guiding players through games for more than 20 years. In addition to cheats and guides, the site offers news, features, previews, and reviews. It puts a particular focus on MMO play. Unlike many other media company sites, Brady is owned by a print publishing firm, Penguin Books, which doesn't seem to dull its edge.

See: GamesRadar

The best cheat site to use depends, in part, on what game you're trying to cheat. Whether it's a game on Facebook, an independent game, Pokemon, or something else entirely, different sites have somewhat different specialties when it comes to game trainers. If you are fond of being the expert, some sites are more focused on engaging and promoting their member experts than others. Whatever your specific interest is, one of these sites can provide you the game trainer you need to win.

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