Where to Find PlayStation Cheats

People of all ages enjoy playing video games, and some games are harder than others. Also, some people are more adept at playing video games than others. In order to even the playing field and reduce the difficulty of some video games, developers included cheat codes with many PlayStation games. Not all games have cheat codes, and those that don't have hints, tricks, strategies, and walkthroughs that help you get through some of the tougher levels. Whether you're trying to win every video game in your personal library or you simply need help getting through a difficult level, websites like Super Cheats, Cheat Code Central, and GameSpot have compiled lists of cheats, guides, and hints to get you through your favorite PlayStation games.

Super Cheats

Super Cheats is the go-to site for many PlayStation gamers. The site has cheat codes for thousands of games for PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 3. Additionally, you'll find hundreds of walkthroughs and hints for games on each platform. If you have a question about a game, then you can search through the frequently asked questions to find an answer, or you can submit your own question to the community to get an answer. More than just PlayStation cheat codes, Super Cheats brings the entire gaming community to your side to help you win.

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Cheat Code Central

Cheat Code Central (CheatCC) is a website that compiles an extensive list of cheat codes for games on the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3. Videos and walkthroughs for thousands of games are also available. These help you strategize and plan to get through some of the more difficult levels on many games. You can read reviews and news about the latest PlayStation video games at Cheat CC so that you can keep up with the rest of the gaming community.

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GameSpot provides reviews, news, videos, and cheat codes for thousands of games on all PlayStation systems. The games are ranked based on the most popular so that you can see which games are getting the most action. If you're playing a less popular game, then you can easily search for the game or sort through the list alphabetically. Cheat codes are clearly displayed in a single column with the effect of the cheat listed right next to it. If you're having trouble getting through a certain section of the game, then the GameSpot forum is a great place to ask questions and get answers quickly.

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On the GamesRadar website, you'll find an extensive list of guides and walkthroughs that have been submitted by other gamers. These guides provided detailed step-by-step instructions for how to get through various levels and games. Since many PlayStation games don't have cheat codes to help get you through, the walkthroughs on the GamesRadar website give gamers a step-by-step guide for beating specific levels. Additionally, you can submit your own guides, hints, or tips to help out fellow gamers.

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IGN is an entertainment website that has a video game channel. Within this channel, you'll find a lot of information about PlayStation games, including reviews, walkthroughs, unlockables, and cheat codes. Because the focus of IGN is on newer video games, you won't find the cheats you need for older PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games. You will, however, find extensive wikis, walkthroughs, and FAQs to get you through the games they do include on the site. If the guide or list of cheats you're looking for is not included, then you have the option of requesting it.

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You don't have to be a hardcore gamer to win every PlayStation video game that you play. You also don't have to suffer through hours of trial, error, and defeat to finally get to the next level. Using cheat codes brings the difficulty level of the game down so that you can get through the more challenging parts without losing. Games that don't have cheats almost always have strategy guides and walkthroughs that outline all of the steps you need to take to overcome obstacles. Use this list of resources to find all of the codes and guides you need to win every video game.

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