Mile High Learning: Online Schools in Colorado

If you are looking to take a few online courses or to complete a full degree program at a Colorado college or university, there are a variety of excellent options to consider. The online schools listed below are all fully accredited, ensuring you get the same quality instruction provided to traditional classroom students. These schools offer an exceptional variety of online courses and dozens of degree programs. While there are other online schools in Colorado, these are the very best.

Colorado State University Global Campus

The Colorado State University Global Campus program is built from the ground up to provide fully online degree programs to working professionals and students who live far from a traditional campus. The school offers more than a dozen bachelor's degree programs in areas that include accounting, criminal justice, information technology, marketing and management. If you have already completed a portion of a bachelor's degree at another accredited university, the Colorado State University Global Campus offers a special degree completion program just for you. At the master's degree level, choose from eight different business disciplines or a program in criminal justice.

CU Online

CU Online is the online education branch of the University of Colorado. The school offers more than 450 individual online courses in a wide variety of subjects. If you are interested in completing a degree online, the school offers 17 different bachelor's and master's degrees. Available bachelor's degree subjects include sociology and writing as well as nursing, which is available only to students who already hold a registered nursing license. At the master's level, choose from a variety of business, nursing or education disciplines in addition to criminal justice, public administration and geographic information systems.

Colorado Community Colleges Online

If you are interested in earning an associate degree, Colorado Community Colleges Online is your best option. This online school is operated by a consortium of 13 accredited community colleges, all located in Colorado. Choose from several dozen different subjects, including business, science and social science. All associate degrees offered by this online school are transferable to any four-year public college in Colorado.

Colorado Technical University Online

Offering a variety of associate, bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees, Colorado Technical University's online education portal offers the widest selection of online degrees in Colorado. These include choices in business, information technology and criminal justice in addition to several degrees in computer science and the health sciences. Colorado Technical University is a fully accredited institution of higher education.

These are the best online schools in Colorado, each one a trusted institution with a long history of providing traditional and distance education programs to Colorado residents. Whether you live in Colorado or another state, these online schools are well worth a careful look.

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