US Allies During World War II

Britain was America's leading ally, followed by Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The Soviet Union was an ally, but only because of Hitler's surprise invasion of them. The defeated European countries had governments-in-exile operating from London (Poles, Dutch, and the French), but they primarily provided guerilla support, some intelligence on German military movements, and moved downed US pilots to safety


America's leading ally. Led by Winston Churchill, British and American troops fought together in Europe. The forces landed together at Normandy under the control of Gen Dwight Eisenhower, who coordinated the march on Germany. British and Indian troops in the Pacific fought the Japanese in Burma and S.E. Asia, which drew Japanese forces away from the Marines.

Canada - Australia - New Zealand

Canada sent troops who fought bravely and aggressively in Europe, while the Canadian Navy helped guard the convoys bringing the needed arms and munitions to England and Russia.

Members of the British Empire, Australia and New Zealand had sent their troops to support England and their troops were fighting in N. Africa. In return, the Marines landed, fought, and defeated the Japanese at Guadalcanal, which the kept the Japanese from invading Australia.

Soviet Union

An ally by circumstance, Hitler and Stalin had signed a non-aggression pact, which by keeping the Soviet Union out of the war, enabled Hitler to concentrate on attacking and conquering the continent (France, Belgium, Holland), as well as Norway and Denmark.

However Hitler's surprise invasion of the Soviet Union made them allies, and part of the strategy behind the D-Day invasion was 1-opening a 2nd front that relieved the Nazi pressure on the Soviet Union, while 2-Since Hitler had to move forces off the Eastern Front to defend in France, it enabled the Soviets to begin offensive operations and invade Germany

This was truly a global effort led by the United States to defeat Germany and Japan. Australian troops helped defeat Rommel in N. Africa, which assisted Eisenhower's efforts in Europe, it was America's Marines and Soldiers fighting the Japanese in New Guinea to halt their planned invasion of Australia that enabled the Aussies to stay fighting in Europe.

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Who did the US ally with in the Vietnam War?

  Australia, SOUTH Korea, South Vietnam, New Zealand, Thailand, Philippines.
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Who were the allies for the US in the Vietnam War?

  Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, South Vietnam.
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