Highlights From Creative Thinking Articles by Successful Professionals

Creativity is important for moving businesses forward with fresh ideas that make the company and its products better. There are many professionals who write articles supporting the importance of creativity and offering suggestions for how to encourage it in both the workplace and one's personal life. Here are a few highlights from some of these professionals' creative thinking articles that are helpful for your own creativity or that of your business.

Time and Space for Creativity

James Caan, CEO of Hamilton Bradshaw, suggests that a designated time and space is important for encouraging creativity. For instance, take a walk around the block, or plan a creativity brainstorming session for employees or co-workers. This allows you to separate yourself from the work itself long enough to inspire innovation and originality.

A Clean Break From Work

Jim Connolly with advises that you walk away from work for your brain to refresh your thinking so that you find more ways of being creative and productive when the break is over. If you work constantly, your brain tires out, and your creativity is stifled. When the work day is over, it is important to take a clean break from your projects, work phone or work email so that your brain has a chance to recharge.

Group Brainstorming

Caan also suggests that group brainstorming is a lucrative way to inspire creativity. During these sessions, individuals share ideas and put forth questions that other employees answer. This helps to stifle excessive competition and allows members of the group to take credit for their creative ideas. Group sessions are better than individual sessions because others' ideas help to inspire an individual's ideas as he goes along rather than the employee being stuck in his own head.

Integrative Thinking

Executive consultant Fahri Karakas and doctoral researcher Mustafa Kavas bring up the concept of integrative thinking in regards to creativity. According to this concept, you take opposing models of thought and reconcile these together rather than choosing one model or the other. This synthesis of ideas goes beyond the ideas alone and pulls the best characteristics out of each to create a sum that is greater than its parts.

These are just some of the many ideas from creative thinking articles supporting and fostering creativity in the workplace. Read these articles for yourself, or find other professional opinions to give you ideas of how to inspire creativity.

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