Finding Scholarships for Online Schools

Scholarships provide you with the money you need for your college education, including for online schools. While scholarships for online schools are not as abundant as for local colleges and universities, there are some that allow use with online schools. Here are some tips for finding the scholarships and using these to your advantage.

DO: Check with your online school

If you have already chosen the online school you want to attend, find out if it has a career center. If so, there is a good chance that it offers scholarship programs to qualified participants. This is a good place to start, because you know right away that the scholarship is used for online schooling, and not all scholarships allow this.

DO: Use a scholarship search tool

There are a few scholarship searching tools that make finding a scholarship for an online school easy for you. Using these kinds of tools, search through current and upcoming scholarships, and look through the ones that allow online schools. A legitimate search tool is available from the U.S. Department of Labor.

DO: Inquire through federal and state agencies

Federal and state agencies offer scholarships each year and are great sources for scholarships for online schools. To find a state agency that offers grants or scholarships, check with the U.S. Department of Education. Federal scholarships are also available and tend to be more lenient with eligibility requirements.

DON'T: Assume all scholarships are eligible

Just because you find a scholarship that fits your preferences and that you qualify for, it does not mean it is eligible to be used for online schooling. Some scholarships do not allow online schools to participate, which means you cannot use the money for that online school. Other scholarships have stipulations, such as only using the money for a university that offers online classes.

DON'T: Pay a fee to apply

Not all scholarships are legitimate, so be careful when you decide for which scholarships you apply. If you have found an organization or company that offers a scholarship and you do not recognize the name, look for signs of a scam, such as charging a fee to apply. Most legitimate scholarships do not cost anything to apply. Research the organization before you apply for the scholarship so that you do not spend time and money on the application process when it is not valid.

Look for scholarships for online schools, and get the opportunity to apply for these and have the money awarded to you. Scholarship money does not have to be paid back like students loans do, so this decreases how much you pay for your education overall.

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