Tips for Starting a Teen Bible Study Group

A teen Bible study group offers a great way to learn about the Bible and share thoughts with others of your same age. If you don't have one in your area, starting a Bible study of your own is the next best thing. By being in a group of friends and other teens, everyone feels more comfortable. Here are some tips to help get you started with creating the Bible study group.

DO: Choose group leaders

Teen Bible study groups need one or two leaders to help facilitate the meetings, decide topics of study and secure locations for the meetings. Most likely, your group alternates weeks at different locations. Bible study groups need some organization, so choose leaders with good organization and facilitation skills.

DO: Ask friends to join

Creating a Bible study group is easier when you have a core group of teens with which to start. Ask your friends from church if they are interested in belonging to a Bible study group. Once you have a small core group, ask them to invite others to get more people in the group. Keep in mind a target number for the group because larger groups seem more impersonal. If you receive a great deal of interest, start two groups.

DO: Make it casual

A Bible study group is not the same as church. Keep it fun by playing Christian music and games related to the Bible. Provide food and beverages, and have a good time. Enjoy your study group while still learning about the Bible.

DON'T: Restrict all conversation to the Bible

Allow some time in your group sessions to talk about other situations in the members' lives while still keeping the focus on living the Christian life. Not all conversation has to be strictly on Bible verses, as long as that is the broad focus. Many teens come to these groups to talk about their issues and the influence God has on their lives.

DON'T: Forget to ask for prayer requests

Bible group is also a great place for asking for prayer requests, sharing answers to prayer and praying for one another. Church isn't the only place to pray together and ask for forgiveness. Each week, ask if anyone has any prayer requests, and continue doing so at each session.

Starting a Bible study for teens is a great way to share your love for God with other teens who feel the same way. It also provides a way to share your faith with others. Start your own Bible study group by finding friends who want to join and then getting the word out. Ask your parents for permission to use their house for the study sessions, and don't forget to inform your church.

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