Fun Boxer Dog Halloween Costume Outfits

Halloween is the one time of year where you can dress your dogs up for activities like parades and not worry about how silly they look. If you have a boxer, you can find fun boxer dog Halloween costume outfits to disguise your dog. With the variety of outfits available for dogs, you are sure to find something you like. You can dress your dog in one of the cute outfits for the holiday and take him trick or treating with the family.


Costumes are available that allow you to change your average dog into a crime fighting dog. Superhero costumes are available for dogs that include Superman and Wonder Woman. Most superhero costumes include capes for your pet. You can dress your dog as Batman in a classic style or in a Batman Dark Knight style of costume.


If you adore pirates and want your dog to be transformed into one, you can try a pirate costume on for size. Pirate costumes come in a variety of styles from a simple bandanna and hat to a more elaborate costume of pants, shirt, and hat. Added accessories include a hook for the paw and parrot for the hat. Many of the full costumes have a skull and cross bones on the back as added decoration.


If your pet makes you think of a prisoner trying to escape as you get him dressed, a prisoner costume might be ideal for your boxer. Black and white stripes either in a wrap style or as pants and a shirt will convert your dog into a jail prisoner. Some costumes come with matching striped hats that stay in place with elastic. A ball and chain can be added to the costume to complete the look for your dog.


A popular dog costume is a red devil. Costumes come with red capes that fit over a red wrap body cover with a hood that has devil horns. Other outfits fit more like shirts with the paws fitting through sleeves. You can find outfits with pointed tails sewn onto the wrap or shirt.

Rock Star

You can transform your boxer into a rock star with just a couple props. With a toy guitar on a strap and a colored wig, your dog will become a rocker. Many of the guitars attach to the harness your dog is wearing. You can add gold chains to complete the rocker look for your dog.

Cute and Silly

Some people just cannot resist dressing their boxer in a cute and silly costume like a bumblebee. Other cute and silly costumes for boxers include a princess, ladybug, pumpkin, and butterfly. You can disguise your boxer as a cuddly panda bear or beautiful flower. Turning your dog into a hotdog with a bum or a ballerina with a tutu are other options for outfits.

You can go with a classic style boxer dog Halloween costume or create one of your own. The possible outfits for your dog's disguise are almost unlimited. You can find outfits that range from simple to elaborate to dress your dog in for the holiday. Whether it is for a holiday parade or to hand out candy to neighborhood kids, your dog will be dressed for the occasion.

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