Popular Online Schools in Arizona Offering GED Programs

The GED is the equivalent of a high school diploma for those who were unable to graduate from high school. In order to obtain a GED, you must pass each of the five GED Exams. These five exams cover topics such as Language Arts, Writing, Social Studies, Science, Reading and Mathematics. It is not necessary to attend a physical school to obtain your GED certification as there are a number of state-endorsed online schools in Arizona offering GED programs.

Northland Pioneer College

To participate in the online GED classes at Northland Pioneer College, you must have reliable access to a computer, the Internet and a personal email account. You are required to first take a placement test, then once you are enrolled in the course, you study all the areas covered in the GED exam. Northland Pioneer's courses also focus on building test-taking confidence among students. If you are unsure if you have the computer skills necessary to complete the course, take a free-of-charge class called Skills for Online Learning to brush up your skills. The class includes four hours each of on-site instruction and online work.

Cochise College

The Center for Lifelong Learning is the branch of Cochise College that offers online GED preparation courses. The college offers a basic preparation course that covers all five areas of the GED. If you need additional help with either the Math or Language Arts portion of the exam, the college offers in-depth study courses on those sections. Each of the online GED classes are instructor-led and available 24 hours a day. The courses last for six weeks and conclude with you taking practice GED tests.

Coconino College

Coconino College offers an online GED program. The distance learning course is open to individuals age 16 or older. The program is accessible to anyone with Internet access and is offered year-round.

Mohave Community College

The Mohave Community College offers online GED programs through its collaboration with the Yavapai College Adult Education center. All of the college's GED classes are free, including their online program. To enroll in the online GED program, first complete an on-site orientation. The class includes pre- and post-tests to determine your progress.

For individuals who were unable to complete their high school education and receive a diploma, obtaining a GED by taking the General Educational Development exam is the next best thing. Successfully obtaining a GED links you to being gainfully employed, having a higher annual income and gaining entrance into a college or university for further education. Please note that students don't receive a GED credential or take a GED exam by attending an online school in Arizona; they only prepare for the exam through an online program.

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