Car Sharing in Chicago

One of the benefits of living in Chicago is its great public transportation system. Because it's so easy to get around many Chicagoans don't even own a vehicle. There are times, however, when a car would come in handy. Car sharing provides the benefits of driving a car without the hassle of owning one.

What is Car Sharing?

Car sharing is a membership-based service that provides cars and other vehicles for temporary usage. Instead of a one-time rental fee drivers sign up for a membership. They can then reserve cars and pick them up at designated lots.

What Car Sharing Companies are Available in Chicago?

There are two car sharing companies in Chicago. ZipCar and iGo have similar pricing structures. iGo originated in Chicago and has more locations. If you're considering signing up for either one, check to see which has lots that are convenient to you.

What Kinds Of Vehicles Are Available?

Both services offer several types of vehicles, from compact cars to those appropriate for moving large objects. iGo's fleet is 100% low-emission, and some are plug-in hybrids and 100% electric vehicles.

Why Do People Use Car Sharing?

There are many reasons people use car sharing. For those who don't own a car having access to a vehicle makes running errands in particular easier to do and more efficient. Car sharing also provides access to larger vehicles for occasional use. For example, if you're taking items to be donated, or if you plan to purchase a large item, you can reserve a van, truck, or SUV.People also use car sharing because it's cheaper. In addition to saving money on gas and insurance, there's no car payment or maintenance.Car sharing can also be used as a second car. Since ZipCar is national it can often be cheaper than renting car for business travelers.

How Much is Car Sharing in Chicago?

Both services charge an application fee and an annual fee once you're approved. Then you'll pay for usage of the car by the hour. This may seem expensive, but gas and insurance are covered. You could spend the hourly rate on gas alone depending on the distance of your trip.

Car sharing is a flexible alternative to owning car. It offers convenience as well as saving you money.

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