Comerica Bank



Comerica is a well known Business & Finance company. Find the latest information about Comerica and ask Comerica a question about their products and services.

Does Comerica Bank accept foreign money?

Businesses that work internationally can deposit foreign money into their accounts at Comerica Bank. The bank works with over 25 different countries and can accept the currency of all of them. Business owners can speak with a foreign exchange sales representative for more information.

Does Comerica Bank offer life insurance?

Comerica Bank does offer life insurance policies for its customers. Each policy is different and will vary depending on the needs of the individual and their family. To set up a policy that will work for the client, they should call 800-713-0336.

Is there a fee for online Comerica Bank Bill Pay?

Customers who want to pay their bills online through Comerica Bank Bill Pay will not be charged a fee if they have direct deposit set up on their account. If they do not have direct deposit they can use the bill pay feature free for 12 months. After the first year they will be charged a small fee.

Does Comerica Bank offer charitable trusts?

Anyone who wants to start a charitable trust can do so at Comerica Bank. A bank representative can help the individual set up and maintain a trust that will benefit the charity of their choice as well as meet state and federal tax requirements.

Does Comerica Bankoffer brokerage services?

Comerica Bank does offer brokerage services to their customers, however the services will vary depending on the needs of the client. For that reason it is important that the client sit down with a financial representative at the bank to go over their financial goals and set up the best policy for them.