Does Comerica Bank offer charitable trusts?

Anyone who wants to start a charitable trust can do so at Comerica Bank. A bank representative can help the individual set up and maintain a trust that will benefit the charity of their choice as well as meet state and federal tax requirements.

Is there a fee for online Comerica Bank Bill Pay?

Customers who want to pay their bills online through Comerica Bank Bill Pay will not be charged a fee if they have direct deposit set up on their account. If they do not have direct deposit they can use the bill pay feature free for 12 months. After the first year they will be charged a small fee.

Does Comerica Bank offer life insurance?

Comerica Bank does offer life insurance policies for its customers. Each policy is different and will vary depending on the needs of the individual and their family. To set up a policy that will work for the client, they should call 800-713-0336.

Does Comerica Bankoffer brokerage services?

Comerica Bank does offer brokerage services to their customers, however the services will vary depending on the needs of the client. For that reason it is important that the client sit down with a financial representative at the bank to go over their financial goals and set up the best policy for them.

Does Comerica Bank accept foreign money?

Businesses that work internationally can deposit foreign money into their accounts at Comerica Bank. The bank works with over 25 different countries and can accept the currency of all of them. Business owners can speak with a foreign exchange sales representative for more information.

What is the Premier Checking Account from Comerica Bank?

The Premier Checking Account at Comerica Bank is a high-interest account. Customers with this account will earn interest on the money they have in the account and will also get to enjoy no fees on overdraft transfers. They will also get an interest-rate discount on certain loans.

What comes with the Basic Business Checking account?

The Basic Business Checking account through Comerica Bank is a checking account that is free from monthly fees and allows up to 150 transactions per statement cycle. There are online account management tools available 24/7 and a business check card at no additional cost.

What type of insurance does Comerica Bank offer?

Customers needing insurance should be able to find what they need at Comerica Bank. The bank offers life insurance, home insurance, long-term care insurance, car insurance, and health insurance. For more information on setting up a policy, customers should call 800-713-0336.

What is the home equity loan at Comerica Bank?

The home equity loan offered at Comerica Bank is a fixed interest rate loan for homebuyers. Interest on payments are tax deductible and payments on the loan are based on the fixed interest rate and will not be impacted by changing rates.

What is a 529 Savings Plan at Comerica Bank?

A 529 Savings Plan at Comerica Bank is an account that anyone can contribute to that can be used to pay for college expenses. The money that is earned in the account is federal tax free and qualified withdrawals are also free from state taxes.

What services does Comerica Bank offer?

Comerica Bank offers many of the same services as any other financial institution. The company offers both checking and savings accounts, CD's, personal and business loans, and educational services. Their customers will have access to accounts 24/7 through the online login.

Do you offer student loans?

Yes, Comerica Bank has the Smart Option Student Loan by Sallie Mae for which future students or current students can apply. This loan is meant to cover any costs that your federal loans will not cover. There is a minimum borrowing amount of $1,000 and you can choose between a fixed rate and a variable interest rate.

What is positive pay at Comerica Bank?

Positive Pay is a feature at Comerica Bank offered to businesses that helps protect them against check fraud. It works by monitoring unusual check activity and notifying the business of potential fraudulent checks. Owners can view all of this activity online.

What types of mortgage loans do you have?

Comerica Bank has several different types of mortgage loans for which homebuyers can apply. Comerica Bank has fixed rate long-term loans, adjustable rate loans, jumbo loans, new construction loans, piggyback loans, interest only loans, and Federal Housing Administration loans.

What can Comercia Bank customers do online?

People who bank with Comerica Bank can access their checking and savings accounts online or on a mobile device. While online they can pay their bills, transfer funds between accounts, view statements, and stop payments on checks that have gone out.

Does Comerica Bank offer gift cards?

Gift cards are available through Comerica Bank. The cards are available in denominations between $25 and $500. They can be used anywhere that Visa cards are accepted. The gift cards are not able to be reloaded, so a new card would need to be purchased.

What type of loans does Comerica Bank offer?

Comerica bank offers a variety of loans to fit the needs of the customer. They offer student loans and personal loans as well as several types of home loans. They also offer a specific loan for people who are doing home improvements.

What are the features of the Comerica Bank Convenience Card?

The Comerica Convenience Card is a reloadable Visa debit card ideal for those who don't qualify for a checking account. The card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted, and purchases can be tracked with text or email alerts. Funds can be loaded onto the card in person, online, over the phone, or with direct deposit.

Does Comerica bank provide small business lending?

Comerica bank provides customized financial solutions to small businesses. Some of their lending solutions include lines of credit, term loans, SBA loans, commercial real estate loans, equipment financing, and letters of credit. Online banking and merchant services are a couple of other ways Comerica is able to help small businesses succe (MORE)

What type of checking accounts does Comerica Bank offer?

Comerica Bank offers several personal and business checking accounts for customers. You can choose from their Access, Rich Rewards, Platinum Circle, and Premier Checking options. Each has its own unique features and benefits. A popular option is the Access checking, which is an interest bearing account with no maintenance fees.

What is Platinum Circle Checking through Comerica Bank?

Platinum Circle Checking is an interest bearing checking account that requires a high balance to avoid fees. You receive online banking and bill pay with no monthly fees, an ATM card with higher withdrawal limits, overdraft protection transfers from your other accounts with waived fees, free checks, a dedicated customer service number, a (MORE)

What is Rich Rewards Checking through Comerica Bank?

Rich Rewards Checking is a checking account that bears interest, offers free checks, free online banking and bill pay, an ATM card, 24 hour access to ATMs, and increased interest rates on certain CDs and IRAs with terms of one or more years. It also offers discounted interest rates on direct installment, fixed equity, and revolving equity (MORE)

What is Access Checking through Comerica Bank?

Access Checking is a personal checking account that does not bear interest. It features online banking and bill pay, a check card, 24 hour access to ATMs, and discounts on interest rates for certain loans. It also offers Check Safekeeping; your checks are not given back to you and are instead destroyed after a copy is made.

What online services does Comerica Bank offer?

Comerica offers several online services that makes banking a breeze. You will have access to online banking, bill payment, money transfer, and mobile banking. All you have to do is register to link your accounts and get access to services.

Does Comerica Bank offer corporate services?

Comerica offers several corporate services that will make tasks easier and efficient. Trust services, institutional investments, escrow services, credit products, and wire services are all offered. You may contact a personal banker to explore how your corporation operations can be made easier.

Does Comerica Bank offer brokerage services?

Comerica offers brokerage services to banking customers. If you want some advice about stock purchases or other similar types of investments, you can set up an appointment with a Comerica broker in order to explore the many brokerage options.

What merchant services does Comerica Bank offer?

If you are operating a small business and need help with accepting payments, you can use Comerica's Easy Pay service. You will be able to conveniently accept payments by Internet and phone, making it convenient for high-volume operations that need a reliable payment system.

Does Comerica Bank offer bill pay?

Comerica Bank offers a bill pay service for customers that don't want the hassle of using a paper check. All you have to do is sign up for Comerica Web Bill Pay online. After a few questions, you will be all set up to pay from your checking or savings accounts with no monthly fees.